Thursday, August 9, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: August 8, 2018

Oh Jenny Frison, you are a treasure
None of the Comics Published Last Week Had Covers

Okay, I missed last week's Best Covers list. I had a good reason for it, though: I was catching a tan! I was also hanging loose and getting jiggy, as one does on vacation. But I'm back, and DC's seen fit to throw a slew of those comic book wrappings at yours truly. So what did I make of 'em? Well, I liked so many that I threw one right here for your amusement!

Flash #52
Dan Mora
The variant cover for this issue is a brilliant image by Francesco Mattina, but I think this works better as a cover that might entice me to buy the comic. The Flash and his nemesis, Captain Cold, literally bursting forth from the pages of the Central City Gazette, hurling their respective elemental bolts. Something about this cover says, "good times within."

Scooby Apocalypse #28 variant
Yasmine Putri
Yeah, I definitely have to start checking out this series. This cover works better than a lot of posters for zombie movies in the last ten years. The angle from above, the lighting, and the insinuation of the graffiti on the wall behind them makes for a very stark image. And did Fred die in this series? I really have to read it!

 Suicide Squad #45 variant
Francesco Mattina
Wow, now here's a scene you wanna see in the pages of Suicide Squad. It doesn't happen in this issue, but it's still great. It's almost a two-color job, greens and reds alternating to show depth. Harley's bashing pose is cool, too, but of course the fact that Enchantress and Katana are unmoved by the mayhem is the cherry on top.

Hawkman #3 variant
Stjepan Sejic 
There's always a bigger hawk. No big surprise that Stjepan Sejic does a cover that could easily be on the front of a fantasy novel. This reminds of the movie The Giant Claw, which was actually about a larger, more terrifying bird. Showing only part of this massive monster is way scarier than showing the whole thing.

Superman #2 variant
Adam Hughes
I've never seen the Superman movie that this still is taken from. What's that? It's not a movie but an incredible drawing by Adam Hughes? Well I'll be damned. The bullets-eye perspective is the real winner here, as well as there being multiple bullets. It implies a much larger, longer scene than what we're seeing. And Lois' alarmed face is key, but I very much like Superman's more blurred, resolute look. Let's face it, the whole image is spectacular.