Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Detective Comics #986 Review

Bombs Away!

Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Philippe Briones, Adriano Lucas, and Sal Cipriano
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 8, 2018

I am so into this Batman story by Bryan Hill and yes, that is even after being let down a bit by the last issue.  So, does Batman go and kick some major ass or does he try a different approach after remembering what he did to Karma all those years ago?  Let's see...

The issue opens with Batman trying to ease everyone in Gotham while we are reminded of the children that Karma still has and the death of Katherine Kistner.  While this is going on we see that Jefferson and Babs aren't seeing eye to eye which is escalated by the fact that Barbara sent Cassandra off to help Batman.  It's a Cass/Babs Mission Impossible thing going on until Batman shuts it down.  Not the mission (if you choose to accept it), but the wi-fi in case Karma has a remote detonator.

Batman goes after Karma while Cass saves the children and their teachers and boy do I love Cass.  She has come a long way since Mother, David Cain and Batman and Robin Eternal...now if we can just get rid of that "Orphan" tag.

We continue by getting a name for the ugly face that is Karma along with his MO and a whole lot of trash talking.  While this is going on, Cass is joined by Black Lightning who steps up into really badass territory himself here...like he needed it!

Batman needs something because while Jefferson is holding off an explosion, Batman can't hold off Karma.  He uses a little move from Starlord's playbook (you DC guys and gals know him, right?  LOL) and the gang gets away in an awesome cinematic way and it all almost made me forget that not much really happened in this issue.

The ending is a quick exchange between Batman and Jefferson and I know a lot of people keep talking about wanting a more human Batman...well, a Batman who admits he's beaten and needs more and better options is more human in my book!  Plus, we get one of my favorite characters as a cliffhanger and I just know Hill will be able to bring out the best in...her.  Spoilers, man...damn!

There is nothing really wrong with this issue.  I liked the characters, the dialogue was great and there is even a 90s action movie moment.  BUT...not a whole lot happens.  We get Karma's name, but that just felt small.  I need this run to kick ass because I want Bryan Hill on more Batman books!

Bits and Pieces:

Bryan Hill does so much right in this issue and arc, but the lack of meatier story hurts it overall.  I still am into this run and want Bryan Hill on some sort of Batman book for a real long time, but I can't give this one top marks.


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  1. I have to disagree Jim, there's plenty wrong with this issue. Biggest glaring problem is black lightnings holier than thou attitude towards Barbara Gordon. She is just as much a experienced hero as him, if not more experience with the fact that she's an actual genius, and all he's done is talk down to her for the last 2 issues. #2 I thought black lightning was here to teach duke something but duke is nonexistent in this arc, he might as well have blown up in that explosion. #3 Batman is an idiot for not planning ahead even though that's his only super power. I mean you lost last time in a strait fight, so this time I do the same thing. Bring some gadgets with you, find a way to take this guy out from far away instead of getting close, hell just hit him with the batmobile. I no longer think Bryan Hill has the understanding of the characters he's using. Art was just okay this issue for me.