Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Superman Giant #1 Review

Superman Endurance Part 1

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott, Stephen Downer and Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 1, 2018

Also Includes:

Superman/Batman - World's Finest
Green Lantern - Airborne
The Terrifics - Meet the Terrifics Part 1

Obviously, if you are DC Comics, you want to push the Trinity in this first round of books and I've already reviewed the Batman and Justice League Giants that featured Batman (guess which on has the Dark Knight in it...) and Wonder Woman (yea, she was in the JL Giant!).  If you go with the idea that these books are meant to get new readers fired up, then that makes sense.  However, I've already said in my other reviews, these kind of are a "mixed message" type of deal.  So, is this part one of Jimmy Palmiotti's two-parter a good story for new readers and better yet, younger readers?  Let's find out...

The issue opens up with Superman fighting a tornado before quickly going back a bit to see where it all started.  Back in Metropolis where Clark Kent gets the assignment to head to the midwest because of ...well, tornadoes.

When he gets to his motel, he meets a nice lady and her kids right before the tornado siren starts a ringin'.  While everyone is in danger and Clark really wants to "change into something more super", the owner of the Inn will have none of it.  To here, Clark is a big city guy who is under her protection and won't hear nothing else about it.

Somehow, being in the shelter triggers Clark to think about Krypton and his Superman Origin.  It felt a bit odd and forced, but it was definitely on Palmiotti's checklist so I can go with it.  It also leads Superman to feel more human and that always makes him happy!

As everyone leaves their problems behind and goes to help others, Clark changes into Supes and he joins the rescue/relief squad.  That continues for a bit and we also get to see the real consequences that can come from a tornado.  The issue ends with more trouble as a Supercell approaches and even if I've never seen a tornado (not many hit Quakertown), it looks like Superman has his work cut out for him!

This is an okay story for beginners to jump into even if it is a tad lower level than what I expected from the Superman book.  Palmiotti hits all the good guy Clark/Superman bits...I just wish it was a bit more fantastical, especially for kids reading it.  The art is great though and if the mission was to get new readers a general idea of who Superman is and what he is all about...mission accomplished.

The other stories in the issue are a mixed bag, mainly because of the inclusion of The Terrifics.  I think it's kind of crappy pushing a New Age of Heroes book here.

Bits and Pieces:

This new Superman story was okay.  It gives new readers an idea of who Superman is and what he is about, but I'm afraid it may bore some readers, especially the kids.  Serviceable, but hardly remarkable.


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