Friday, August 10, 2018

Top Five Fridays: Five DC Characters Who Need a Solo Series (And Who I Want Doing Them)

Hello, I'm back again for a Top Five Friday all about characters that I think need a solo series...NOW!  Not tomorrow, not next week or next month...NOW!  Got it?!?  Good, let's get going and let me know who you want to get a solo series (NOW!)...

5. Lois Lane

There are a couple of reasons I want a Lois Lane book, but it's mainly because at the moment, Brian Michael Bendis has been an ass and has either gotten rid of Lois or is about to make her the villain of his Action Comics run.  I think he got rid of her to make a doppelganger the villain, but one thing is for sure...I need more Lois!  The book could be about world-renowned reporter Lois Lane traveling the world for clues to nail the "Story of the Century" while meeting contacts, allies, and enemies along the way.  I'll even allow Jimmy Olsen to tag along because I love him as well.  

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino

4. Kyle Rayner

There are so many Kyle Rayner fans out there and not much Kyle Rayner.  Now, I've heard some rumors that make a solo book unlikely in the near future, but I am not worried about that for this list.  Hal is getting a solo book, John is in the Justice League, why not have a book with Kyle leaving the Corps for a bit trying to find out where the other White Lantern Rings went and getting back his White mojo.  It seems like something that can easily tie into the current Source Wall troubles easily so it might be an easier sell to DC higher-ups.  Plus, Guy can make some guest appearances since he doesn't seem like he'll have much going on soon.

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan 
Artist: Fiona Staples

**Hey, they have some down time right now with Saga being on hiatus**

3. Booster Gold

There has been a recent Booster push, but some of it has been complete and utter bullshit (if you know me, you know what I'm talking about.)  Instead of a deconstruction of the character, I'd love to see a "Tales for the Timeline" type of book that would show new readers the real Booster and not someone who messes up the timeline for a gift that makes no sense for a wedding that didn't happen. Give us the Booster that made him the beloved character he is...and throw in Ted Kord as a bonus (I know that is kind of cheating, but what the heck!)

Writer: Dan Jurgens (of course)
Artist: Rafa Sandoval

2. Tim Drake

Tim Drake always seems to be the ex-Robin left behind.  He was pretty much a jerk all throughout the New 52 and while Rebirth started off with a much better Tim in Detective, he went and got himself "killed".  He wasn't exactly right after his return and now he just drove off with Steph to who knows where.  Perfect time for a series, if you ask me!  Maybe he relocated to another city a la Nightwing and can start his own adventures with his own villains.  It is about time Tim gets some solo action!

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Dexter Soy

1. Wally West

This is probably going to be a bit of a cheat selection since I want a Wally/Flash Family book, but it can start as a Wally solo title.  It's easy enough to see the series start with him find Jai and Irey and then they get Linda to remember them and then they go looking for Jay Garrick and get the point.  Wally was the face of Rebirth and with all the darkness going on right now in DC Comics, a Wally West/Flash Family book may just be what we all need to smile again!

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: V Ken Marion


  1. The world definitely needs a good, FUN, Time Travel-Tastic Booster Gold series with short story arcs and lots of guest appearances from past, present, and future DC characters. I'm on board already and it doesn't even exist!

  2. Sooo you don't want Tom King to write Booster Gold? lol especially after that speechless story arc "The Gift". Really sucks on how DC has been treating Wally, when we though he was going to be very important in Rebirth, due to what happened in the Rebirth one-shot. Kinda wish that Tim Drake was leading the Titans instead of Dick!

  3. Kyle give me a kyle book and yes pleeeease explain what happened to the white lanterns i was so into the new guardians run its hard for me to enjoy current GL books

  4. Kyle Rayner and Wally West deserve there own titles but the other 3 have been acting out of character of late. I wouldn't reward Lois, booster or Tim Drake with there own book unless a writer proved that the characters is acting like the character before that character is passed off to someone else thinking, that's the way they should act.

    I'd like some good B level hero's that could be fun, instead of the New wave of Marvel ripoffs. Give me a "Vibe" or "Creeper" book any day of the week and I'll read it.