Thursday, November 15, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: November 14, 2018

Recover Your Covers

There are more comic books being made today than in the past six billion years combined––and each of those covers have upwards of ten trillion variant covers apiece. Yet I still struggled to put together a list of five for your perusal. I did it though! Does your monkey still amuse you? Will I get a portion of gruel for my efforts? Oh thank you, sir, a blessing upon your house and your children!

 Titans #29 variant
Yasmine Putri
This is a good cover. It reminds me of some old sci-fi pulp paperback cover, or like the cover to some extremely obtuse Atari 2600 game. Umm...not much more to say than that. Good piece of work, but not exactly lighting up the comics racks.

 Supergirl #24
Evan "Doc" Shaner
I like this image a lot. In fact, It should probably be the third position. I think it gets a little too washed-out at the focal point, though. Still, that burst is the kind of thing that might make someone give this issue a double-take. And that would be the flipping point of it.

 Hawkman #6 variant
Mateo Scalera
These Hawkman variant covers have been terrific, creating a story somewhat apart from the one being told within the series, that is at times more compelling. Here, the coloring of Hawkman's spandex blending into the writhing snakes makes for a great half-page balance. And the wiry wings look almost like snakes themselves. I want to read this story.

 Catwoman #5 variant
Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Whoa. Now here's a painting that might have been left out of the works of Magritte. The composition is deadly and the implications of this piece are stunning. We're looking at fine art here, folks.

The Flash #58 variant
Karl Kerschl
Now here's a comic book you take down off the shelf and give a closer look. Kerschl has created a deceptively simple image that is incredibly effective. I'm not even going to explain why. If you don't like this cover, your eyes are broken.

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