Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Supergirl #24 Review and *SPOILERS*

Road House!

Written By: Marc Andreyko
Art By: Evan “Doc” Shaner, Karl Kesel, Nathan Fairbairn

Letters By: Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 14, 2018

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Where we last left this book, Kara had just been dealing with the Green Lanterns after having found a secret message from a former guardian that revealed his role in a conspiracy to destroy Krypton. He turned out to be a member of The Circle and he has left a ton of messages around the universe in order to keep his secrets safe. He wants Supergirl to go and collect them so she can dismantle the Circle. The book has been fairly entertaining up to this point. It’s not perfect but few comics are. One thing, this book has succeeded in getting me excited for new issues. That’s more than a lot of books can say. Let’s just jump into this issue and see where it takes us.

Our issue begins with Kara sitting in a bar. Looks as if it is a rougher bar and the inner dialogue from Kara confirms as much. She is looking for more leads on The Circle. The local bartender asks if she wants any more but she chooses to close her tab. The bartender recognizes the crest on her suit. He goes to a coworker and warns him that a Kryptonian is in their bar. They talk about how someone has been mouthing off about Kryptonians lately. After paying her tab, Kara asks for some information and drops Rogol Zaar’s name. Everyone pretends that they know nothing but thanks to her listening to their heartbeats, she knows that they are lying.

Meanwhile, at Kara’s ship, someone dressed in a lot of robes is hanging around. This person uses a communicator and calls into the mysterious diamond figure that seems to be pulling the strings. He reports that he has found Kara and the leader tells him to observe and report. The scout clearly wants to do more but they are accosted for questioning orders. It is revealed that there is a backup plan in case the scout fails. Back in the bar, Kara finds the alien she is looking for by his heartbeat but things are already escalated. Before she is able to catch him a bigger alien gets in her face and runs their mouth about Krypton. Kara doesn’t stand for this and attacks. What follows is a fight scene where Kara finds that her power level is decreasing. She loses her powers but uses Zaar’s axe to save herself. This causes all the enemies to back off.

Kara confronts the alien that she identified but they are vaporized by the bartender who then turns their focus to Kara before being incapacitated by a new ally. Kara leaves and goes to a recharge station for her suit. (what’s this doing out here?) Her new ally is a Coluan named Z’ndr Kol. He offers to fix Kara’s ship if she will take him to a rumored new Coluan colony. The two fix the ship and they takeoff. The ride is awkward since they are strangers. Kol tries to relieve the tension by talking about her ship but it just leads to more awkwardness. Kara suddenly begins to bleed from her nose and she falls unconcious. Turns out she was taking them to the place Krypton was last and the kryptonite flying through space has knocked out Kara. This is where the issue ends.

So this was kind of a down issue for this series but it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad by a long shot. That said, I just wouldn’t put it on the same level as the rest of the issues of Andryko’s run that we’ve gotten so far. Most of the issue is one long scene that doesn’t even lead anywhere. Thank goodness the art in this issue is so good because it really carried the scene for me. I like how badass Kara is being right now and how she throws caution to the wind unlike her cousin. However, to have this be the main focus of the issue and have it lead nowhere is kind of a bummer. It doesn’t ruin the issue for me by a long shot but it is a bit underwhelming. We get a new character that we will probably learn more about in the coming issues. He basically looks like a green Star-Lord but I’ll let it slide. Overall, not a horrible issue but one with tons of problems.

Bits and Pieces:

The issue focuses around a single scene that doesn’t really go anywhere for most of the issue. Maybe there are aspects that have been dropped that will affect the book going forward but until then it was a bit weird for the book to not go anywhere in this issue. The book was good but it wasn’t great.


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