Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Red Hood and the Outlaws #28 Review

An Apple A Day Will Keep Death Away

Written By: Scott Lobdell
Art By: Pete Woods, Rex Lokus, Troy Peteri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 14, 2018

Red Hood is all on his own, still tracking down the Underlife that Roy pointed him towards before he had to go to Sanctuary and break all our hearts by dying.  With that, we saw in the last issue that Jason Todd had found himself in a quaint little town and if you're a fan of horror stories...... Well, you know not to trust quaint little towns.  Let's jump into this issue and see what horrors this town hides and how it has to do with the Underlife.  Let's check it out.

For this issue of Red Hood we jump right into a story that sees our hero fighting for his life........ and really, this whole "quaint little town" thing just gets thrown out the window pretty quickly.  Well, after we see that Wingman is going to be coming into play in this series in a few issues.  It's funny though since Red Hood has most recently gone with the Wingman persona back in Batman Incorporated and that the last time we saw a Wingman before that, he was killed.  It will be interesting to see how the Batman of Sweden is brought back, but we don't really deal with any of that here, just that he'll be showing up sometime in the future.  

Besides Wingman though, this issue just shows what kind of a bad ass Jason Todd is before getting into strange territory, where we continue to see our hero being a bad ass, only now he's fighting hulking zombies.  Yeah, this issue is odd as hell and doesn't do much but jump us into a new genre for this story to go, while also setting up a team up with another Bat Family member going forward.  The art by Pete Woods in this issue is really enjoyable, even though I'm still not sold on his depiction of Jason Todd, but with my own personal likes and dislikes about how this character should look aside, this issue looks good regardless.  Going forward I just hope that we get more substance per issue because as of late these stories have felt pretty thin.

Bits and Pieces:

While Red Hood: Outlaw continues to be entertaining, there just isn't too much going on in the book right now beyond our hero just beating the shit out of people and while I do love that........ it does get a little old after awhile.  The art looks great and there is some promise going forward, but right now I'm a little underwhelmed with the title.


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  1. This was a solid issue. My only gripe with it was the scene where Jason gets knocked out and wakes up into his costume. But other than that I really dug this evil town moteif Lobdell is going for. The Wingman Mystery is good new story element and I'm hoping it will eventually be Jason's connection to his Father Solitary. Batwoman and Jason Teaming up next issue should be fun, considering we never get to see these 2 bat family members get to team up with any other bat family members. Art was good, but I agree with Eric. Pete Woods only flaw is drawing Jason's Face. That is not Jason's Face.