Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Batman #67 Review


Writer: Tom King
Artist: Lee Weeks
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: March 20, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Tom King is back and he's brought his buddy, Lee Weeks, with him to continue the Knightmares arc.  If you aren't in the know, Lee Weeks illustrated two of Tom King's best stories, the Batman/Elmer Fudd book as well as the Batman Annual #2.  Now, these both had Looney Tunes themes in them (one being a little more obvious), so it seems pretty obvious this "Knightmare" would as well.  So, does this one make it a three for three with these two?  Let's find out...

This may be one of the hardest issues I've had to review in over five years of doing this.  Why?  Well, because not much happens.  Yea, I've reviewed comics where the narrative doesn't push forward, but this is different...not much happens.  At all!

We open with the setup and the Looney Tunes reference is right out there on front street and then we get an issue that is pretty much one long chase scene.  It looks fantastic and Lee Weeks certainly should get a ton of praise.  It's not just the pencils, but the choreography and the multiple angles he uses that really are impressive.  That said, it's still one long chase scene and without much for a story and little dialogue, it feels extended for the sake of filling up an entire issue.

The story itself is one of those "look how clever I am" things that may have sounded better in concept than on the actual page.  I won't spoil it, but it boils down to the parallels between Batman's world and the Looney Tunes one.  You know, the endless chases of cartoon animals as they fight, fight, fight only to reset by the end and start again the next show.  My problem is, this is nothing new at all.  Tom King keeps trying to force the idea that Batman and his foes are two sides of a coin that seeing it once again just feels tired.  Tired and lazy.

If you have been following the Kinghtmares arc, you surely are reading this issue, waiting for the twist ending that is supposed to shock you.  Unfortunately, the ending here just falls flat.  A twist ending needs some setup and misdirection during the story and there is zero of that here.  The ending just happens because it's a "knightmare" and I guess the reader is supposed to gasp, maybe applaud, but I just rolled my eyes and hoped for this Knightmare nonsense to just end.

Again, this issue looks great and every bit of that score below is for art.  EVERY BIT OF THAT SCORE!!!

Bits and Pieces:

This Knightmare is an extended chase scene that looks fantastic but has nothing past the pretty pictures on the page.  Is  Ashton Kutcher writing this book, because I feel like I am being Punk'd! 



  1. This was a straight gimmick issue. A double-gimmick actually, with the Looney Tunes and the silent issue.
    After seeing Weeks' name and getting the first 'beep beep', I saw the Roadrunner/Wile E Coyote connection, and thought ok this might work. After the second 'beep beep', I thought, shit... this ain't gonna work. Every 'beep beep' after that was a rat trap to the sack. Might as well have been 'break your damn back'.

    As a side, I think Batman should stay on the main podcast. It's Batman. I think it needs to be reviewed. Keeping it on spolight punishes the patreon backers. And besides, if you drop Batman from the podcast... Tom King wins, man. I know you don't want that lol. Honestly, whatever you guys decide is cool. Love the podcasts, love the site. Long live Wrong Turn.

    1. The Poll was just to see where people are at with the book. It will stay on the podcast and on a side note...I think Wrong Turn could read this one!

  2. A 5/10 score based on the art alone is probably the most fair and realistic review of this issue on the internet. Thanks for keeping it real! Like I said in my comment on the "second opinion" review, these "Knightmares" issues are telling us a LOT more about Tom King's struggles writing this title than they do about Batman. It's pretty plain to see that what fire he might have had for this title is almost completely gone, now that he's past all the "fan service" Bane, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, etc. issues he came on board wanting to write. Now the narrative is just flapping in the wind while King tries to figure out what to do for another (almost) 3 years' worth of issues. . .

    1. I agree! It's a struggle watching Tom King struggle and I feel like we are paying the price for him learning on the job!