Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Naomi #3 Review

Strange Days

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: March 20, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Naomi is one of those weird books that feels like it's been around longer than it has, but hasn't given us much information overall.  Brian Michael Bendis keeps promising that his new character will "change the DCU forever" and while that seems pretty presumptuous coming from such a newcomer to the company, what the heck, most of the other writers are busy sitting on their hands.  Overall, I am beginning to like this series more with each issue and hope that trend continues here.  Does it?  Let's find out...

The slow burn continues this month as we open with Naomi still confronting Dee about who she is, who he is and what that means for the both of them.  It goes on for a bunch of pages only to fall flat on the floor...Dee is not Naomi's father and the woman in the picture is not her mother.  That's all the spoilers you're going to get from me here, so it's time for me to tiptoe through the rest of the issue.

While we don't find out anything about Naomi, we do find out some really cool stuff about Dee.  DCU changing stuff?  No, not that crazy, but crazy in a smaller way.  I actually have grown to like the interaction between Naomi and Dee so when Naomi's parents showed up to break up the party, I was a bit first.

Yea, we continue with another slow-moving scene leading to a big reveal.  After Naomi's mother slaps Dee across his big, muscular, sexy face, they jump in the car with her father and drive away.  After a couple pages of silence, then some yelling, Naomi and her father head off for some answers.

The issue ends with a big twist, but if you are expecting to learn about Naomi this month, you will be disappointed.  However, the cliffhanger is big and works well with Dee's reveal to make everything we've read up to this point a bit more interesting overall.

This is my favorite issue of the series so far.  Do I want to find out more about Naomi?  Sure, but I figure that's going to take all six issues of this story and so I am here for the smaller moments...and if these are the "smaller" ones, the big one just might be as huge as Bendis is claiming.

The art in this issue continues to be great.  I am not a fan of how the word bubbles look against the art, however, and that's weird because I've never felt that way before.  Besides that, though, everything looks fantastic.

Bits and Pieces:

This series is gradually making me a fan and while I am waiting for the huge reveal, this issue gives us a couple big ones that have me very excited.  The art is fantastic and while I am still a bit frustrated with the overall pacing of this story, I am looking forward to the next issue.


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  1. I had originally proposed that the big daddy shown might be BIG BEAR of the Forever People. Could we be on a new arc for Newer New Gods?