Tuesday, March 19, 2019

PREVIEW: Lucifer #6

Beelzebub Farm Remembers

Written By: Dan Watters 
Illustrated By: Max Fiumara & Sebastian Fiumara 
Colors By: Dave McCaig 
Letters By: Steve Wands 
Cover By: Tiffany Turill
Edited By: Amedeo Turturro & Molly Mahan 
Assistant Editor: Maggie Howell 
Executive Editor: Mark Doyle 
Cover Price: $3.99 
On Sale Date: March 20, 2019

Lucifer remembers. But the price of clarity may be destruction, as the Devil sits at the edge of a precipice—and erstwhile allies remember his past sins, too. Meanwhile, the Moon attempts to steal from the Earth, and a potential Antichrist is conceived.

Seems like business as usual in the ol' weirdo comic book. Scan your peepers over those preview pages, hah?

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