Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Teen Titans #28 Review and **SPOILERS**

Room for one more?

Story: Priest & Glass
Script: Adam Glass 
Art: Bernard Chang

Color: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: March 20, 2019

It's been a minute since our last Teen Titans crossover... and, as we've seen over the course of this volume, it could go in one of two ways.

We might get something pretty neat like Super Sons of Tomorrow... or, we might get something... not so neat, like The Lazarus Contract.

Fingers crossed...

I think there's this knee-jerk reaction among fans of my age and vintage.  Those of us who lived through the nineties... and couldn't get through a month without having to buy a book we normally didn't simply because it was tying into a book that we did.  That knee-jerk reaction is to... kind of turn our noses up at crossovers of all shapes and sizes.  We just can't help it... it's been written into our DNA!

And so, when I learned that Teen Titans would be crossing over with Deathstroke (a book I don't usually buy) for the next little while... I instinctively cringed.  First, because I was reminded of The Lazarus Contract... and second because, ya know... I've been loving this book as it's been, and I'd hate to see it derailed.

So, uh... what'd I think?

Gang... this is a damned great comic book.  This does what a book involved with a crossover ought to do... it made me want to buy an issue of a comic I don't normally follow.  Note that I said "want" and not "need".  "Need" denotes that I'm only doing something because I have to.  I'm actually excited to follow this story into its next chapter.

So, whatta we got?  Damien's decided "enough is enough" when it comes to Slade Wilson.  He's tired of him getting away time and again, and has devised a plan to put him away "for good".  That's the premise... that's the goal... that's this issue.

But, that's not all!  Even though this is a crossover, Adam Glass didn't neglect to move Titans-specific story bits forward.  Red Arrow and Robin share a scene wherein they talk about trust, we get a pretty good idea of why Roundhouse never takes off his suit, and Wallace... well, Wallace whines, but this time, he's actually got something to whine about!  If you're following along with this title, don't skip to the last page...

Bits and Pieces:

And excellent opening chapter, that fires on all cylinders... moving not only this crossover forward, but the Teen Titans' story as well.


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