Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Justice League Odyssey #7 Review

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artists: Will Conrad, Rain Beredo, Andworld Design
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 27, 2019

Review by Joey Casco of

Realizing that the Odyssey team is part of Darkseid's intricate plan, Blackfire has ordered her army to attack and kill at least one of our heroes. If anything goes wrong with what Darkseid has in store then he will not succeed, so she wants to take out even just one of his pawns to spoil everything. Even if it means killing her own sister, Starfire. Meanwhile, on another planet in the Ghost Sector, Darkseid appears to be killed by beasts from ancient Apokolips mythology called Eskaton. 

But Starfire loses it like she did way back in issue, what, #2 or #3? She takes out the Tamaran army and goes right for Blackfire and tries to kill her. Of course her friends are shocked but even Blackfire is surprised. Uh, you just ordered your own sister dead. But ooooh noooo how dare you try and kill her back. Anyways, Cyborg is able to make her snap out of it and Starfire gets all sad and stuff.

Defeated, Blackfire will not cooperate with them to help fight Darkseid. She doesn't trust them, and why would she? Everything they do could be pre-calculated by Darkseid or they could knowingly be on his side. So they leave Tamaran to go to Aeolon, the planet where Darkseid is now.

Back in the ship, we see that Jessica only has 40% of her ring power left. And really, she's the MVP of the team so this is a major concern. There's a nice heart-felt, team-building moment between Azrael and Starfire. A little "we're in this together" thing. And then they find Darkseid on Aeolon, and he's clinging to life. They act all tough against him, but then the Eskaton come for them too.

Back on Tamaran, Rapture touches down. Blackfire has already heard of him, which is dumb. The Ghost Sector is the new Cheers where everybody knows your name. Rapture thinks the False Gods (the Odyssey team) are there and he states that he's there to kill them. But Blackfire says (paraphrasing) "Yo, hold up! You want to kill a god? I've got one for you!" And she's gotta be talking about Darkseid, right? She just gave him a new target.

On Aeolon, our team fights off the Eskaton thanks to Starfire being a badass. Jessica is now down to 32%. And Darkseid admits that he was tricking them all along because right now it's the only weapon that he has. NEXT: FOUR AGAINST THE DARKNESS!

Except for the moment between Azrael and Starfire, and Blackfire's possible redirection of Rapture's target to Darkseid, this issue is completely useless and I'm pretty pissed about it. I really want this book to work out and I was excited after the last issue, but this is what we get instead. 

Bits and Pieces:

The title has a fun concept with the opportunity to build a truly unique team exploring the Cosmos as they try to make their way back home, but we just end up waiting a whole month for 20 more pages that go nowhere. The score is all art.


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