Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Freedom Fighters #12 Review


Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas, Andworld Design
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 15, 2020

We've come a long way to get to the end of this series....... if a year is a long way, but either way, we're finally here to see how the Freedom Fighters plan on taking down those no good Ratzis.  Previously, we saw the spirit of America fueling Uncle Sam in his fight against the Cyborg Overman, while the rest of the Freedom Fighters tried to make their way deeper into the Cheyenne Mountain complex to the Adolf Hitler Jr.  What they didn't know was that Adolf Hitler III had already killed his father to become the new fuhrer and to make sure no one would take his new power away, he activated a timer to detonate a nuclear bomb within the mountain.  Let's see how our heroes will prevail with all that against them. 

For our finale we see our heroes making their way deeper into the Mountain, while Uncle Sam just kicks the living shit out of the Cyborg Overman, now that the American Dream is fully going, making our leader here pretty much a Super Saiyan Uncle Sam, which is pretty bad ass, but this, like the rest of the story just comes off a bit lackluster because it seems that all the exciting parts are behind us and there just wasn't enough left to tell here......... or....... Robert Venditti was planning on having a sequel series because while things just do come to a close here, there are aspects that left we wanting more from our characters that were previously setup that really didn't go anywhere in the long run, not to mention that there's just no sense of what are heroes are going to do after they have taken their world back from the Ratzis.

While there was a lot of me complaining in the previous paragraph, there is a lot here to really enjoy as well because even though our Freedom Fighters had to fly by the seat of the their pants once they realized that their well thought out plans have becomes useless...... they do a good job of actually achieving their goals in a way that was foreshadowed previously.  All in all, the good guys win, the bad guys lose, but in the end because of how much I was enjoying this series, I guess I just kind of wanted something a bit bigger by the end.

All in all, the art continues to be amazing this issue and everything and everyone looks great.  The story is pretty tight in we see our heroes go step by step in achieving their win, the only problem is by the end I just kind of felt like..... "Is that it?"  I don't know if I wanted an Animal House ending, where it told me what all the characters were up to after the end of this series or if Black Condor was able to find a cure for his Plastic Man alteration that would end up killing him in a few months, but by the end of this issue I just felt like we didn't get enough with our heroes, especially because I have no idea when we'll ever be able to play in Earth-X again.  This was a fun series overall, but I just expected more from this finale and that might just be on me because of how invested I was with the characters.

Bits and Pieces:

While I loved this series overall, I felt that this conclusion felt a little lackluster in what it showed us with our heroes and the aftermath of their quest to rid the world of the Ratzi menace.  That being said, there's still so much fun here and the art was amazing throughout.  Maybe I'm just not ready to be done with Earth-X and wanted to squeeze as much out of this issue as possible, but by the conclusion we do get an end to our story, I just wish there was more to it.


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