Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Flash #86 Review and *SPOILERS*

Lose Yourself

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Arif Prianto, Hi-Fi
Letters By: Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 15, 2020

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The most recent issue of Flash was a low point for this current storyline but if that’s the lowest we get in this arc, we will be in for a great time. Even with the issues that were present, the issue was still extremely entertaining and gave us a great cliffhanger going into this new issue. We have come to the climax of this story and our creative team really needs to stick the landing. However, if the rest of this story is any indication, the issue is in good hands. However, it will ultimately come down the the story itself, so let’s just jump into this latest issue and cross our fingers that it delivers.

We begin with a brief trip down memory lane as the dialogue from King Cold remembers all of the times that he was beaten by The Flash. From the very first time, to the time her dawned his costume, and so on. No matter how strong he became, Flash would beat him. However, now he is even more powerful than ever before. However, due to his uncontrollable Speed Force, Flash finds himself to be more powerful as well, but his chaotic powers could hurt others. The two exchange blows but seem to be at a standstill. Flash thinks of saving the others from their frozen states, but with his powers going wild, he is afraid that he will hurt someone. However, during the battle, Cold is able to use his new powers to lower the temperature of the battlefield. However, it seems to have the opposite effect that he wanted, as Flash feels his powers begin to normalize. After taking a small beating, Flash races off away from Cold.

With his powers back to normal, he begins racing to his allies who are all frozen. He faces Cold once again but this time he has the Rogues and speedsters backing him up. As Cold rages against his enemies, the Rogues come to realize how far he has really gone. Flash tells them to take care of the mirror and the speedsters race off to get more help. They run to the speed lab and bring Iris back to the battle. Iris has most of the mirror pieces and the attention quickly turns to Mirror Master. He refuses to fix things as he is enjoying his life under Cold, but the Rogues remind him that Cold froze him too and the one that freed him was Flash. Glider talks to him next, telling him that she knows he only joined up because he wanted to get her back. However, that ship has sunk and it is time for things to return to normal. Defeated, Mirror Master takes care of the mirror and Central City thaws out and gets back to normal.

The team celebrates but the battle isn’t over as Cold and Flash are still fighting. Glider interrupts and tries to reach her brother. However, just when it looks like it will work, Cold instead believes that Flash is turning his family against him and attacks once again. Before he is able to unleash his power though, Flash suddenly powers up even more and begins glowing as he takes Cold down fast. He begins pummeling Cold with punch after punch. However, he doesn’t stop. Glider tries to stop him but even she can’t hold him back. After dealing a final punch, Barry comes to his senses and sees what is happening around him. Cold lays defeated and severely bloodied. The police arrive and the Rogues escape but they got Cold and that’s what matters to them. Just when Iris and the speedsters are running to celebrate with him, Barry stops them and tells the officer that is talking with him that he is unable to control his powers and until he can, he should be arrested too. He offers his hands to the officer. This is where the issue leaves us.

This was a great ending for this part of the story. It wasn’t perfect, but very few things are. Considering the point that we are at, it’s not surprising that the entire issue is one big fight scene. However, inside of that fight are these moments that really bring everything back to the story. We see Cold’s past and how it has haunted him so much that he has resorted to this. We see the speedsters finally regain their speed. The Rogues come together to stop their former leader and we even see the effects of the new Speed Force taking over Barry and bringing him to a place he never wants to be. Central City is saved and Cold is defeated but it is a hollow victory. Barry gives himself up due to what he did and how he was unable to control it. This opens this book to so many possibilities when it comes to storytelling and I am very much looking forward to it. The one thing I didn’t really like is how Flash suddenly powers up. It happens almost instantaneously and there isn’t really any explanation and by the time we get used to it, it’s already over. Overall, I like it because of the stories that it opens up to being told, however, I wish it had been handled a little better.

Bits and Pieces

The climax of this great Flash story has come and now gone and it was a real treat to read. The art was amazing and we got some great storytelling to go along with it. There are some things that happen without explanation but overall, this was a great end to the latest chapter in the Flash mythos.


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