Wednesday, January 15, 2020

He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse #3 Review

Great He-Man's Beard

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art Team: Dan Fraga, Tom Derenick, Richard Friend,
Matt Yackey, Saida Temofonte
Release Date: January 15, 2020
Cover Price: $3.99

He-Man Masters of the Multiverse has been an interesting twist on the typical He-Man story I never really saw coming.  While issue two took a slight step back in the excitement department, it was still enjoyable enough, and lead to mixing up the sauce so to speak this issue.  Now we visit an Eternia where Skeletor has taken over, and He-Man and company are banished, so what is an evil Anti-He-Man to do? Takedown the Skeletor, who now has the power, and get back to his All Power conquest of course.  Let's discuss what goes down.

Events this issue get started with the Cosmic Enforcers of the Multiverse attempting to stop Anti-He-Man's reign of terror to no avail as he too reaches 'the Light Hempishere' too, quickly encountering the Snake Men, Hordak, and Shadow Weaver, and getting them to aid him in his efforts to mutual benefit.  Meanwhile, 'the Light Hempishere' Skeletor takes Movie and Video Game He-Man into custody throwing them in jail with the Tela of his world to attempt to gain more information into what's occurring here, while he takes Prince Keldor off for a chat. I actually got immediately more into this issue than its predecessor off the bat, due to finding the setting as a whole just more intriguing, while the creative team mixes up the formula from the first two issues just a touch. At the start, you also notice the art continues to remain excellent here, with all characters getting their just due, and a wide variety of He-Man always able to stand out from each other.

As we move on, a battle begins to take shape with 'the Light Hempishere' Skeletor revealing himself to be a very intriguing version of the character along the way.  We get a pretty detailed rundown of how Skeletor here came to be in power, and just what he did with all the heroes of this world, which although pretty wordy, was interesting enough to hold my attention, while catching me for a surprise, revealing a twist on He-Man mythos I didn't see coming. The He-Man of the Multiverse Team in the meantime gets some time with Tela, which sets up some moments that hit you in the feels later on in the issue ... it was a little forced yes but I liked it none the less.

The final battle is a fun mishmash of characters from various settings and locations, which does a good job of setting up some consequences, before moving on in this series.  I don't want to spoil too much of this finale here because there are a few wow moments He-Man fans will enjoy, but my overall feeling after reading this issue was I am definitely back fully on board with the series, and look forward to seeing how it all concludes. The next issue should be very exciting if they are where I think they are and I look forward to that very much.

As I mentioned earlier the art in this series started great and has continued to hold that standard throughout all three issues so far.  They pull a bearded He-Man out this month and coupled with some very cool armor, I would say this is an action figure young and old Eric Shea would fight for.  I imagine this art team will finish the series through here and I look forward to seeing them continue.

Overall, He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse gets a bit back on track this month, taking time to set up an interesting universe traveled to, establish some clear differences than what we're used to, then crush it all under the paw of Anti-He-Man as we move on to our next local. Its a bit formulaic yes, but this issue takes the time to mix that formula up just enough and hook the reader again, in the end, to make this an enjoyable journey for any He-Man fan. 

 Bits and Pieces:

While I think some of the references may be going over my head a bit, I've enjoyed digging into where they come from and learning more about them. This book has a great concept  and I can't wait to see played out more.


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