Saturday, May 23, 2020

Amethyst #1 Review

What a Gem!

Writer: Amy Reeder
Artist: Amy Reeder and Gabriela Downie
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 26, 2020

While I have nothing against Amethyst, she is not my favorite character of all-time, and even though I dabbled in the Sword of Sorcery New 52 book, my most experience with her is in Bendis' current Young Justice book.  If you're reading that, then you know she does next to nothing in the book... her recent "big moment" was telling everyone she had to pee!  I am a big Amy Reeder fan, though, and that is 100% why I am here, and with that, here comes the review...

The issue opens with Amy celebrating her 16th birthday with her parents as Reeder sets up Amethyst's double life and what comes with that.  I wonder if I'm the only one that felt bad for her foster parents, who seem like friendly people who are trying to work with a weird situation while Amy throws shade at them in her mind?

We then get the Amethyst origin story in a cliff's notes sort of vibe with all the significant people, places, and events spelled out in a beautiful full-page spread.

Continuing, Amy jumps through a portal, but when she arrives in Gemworld, things don't look so good.  That's not a diss on the art, which I like a lot, but there is nobody else in the Amethyst Kingdom!  Amethyst then jumps from panel to panel, blames Opal for all of this (of course), and then lands on Ypsilos (her flying horse), and they fly off looking for answers.

They go to House Turquoise to see her best friend, but Turquoise doesn't even seem to know her and then gets mad when Amethyst suggests Lord Opal has to be responsible.  It all comes down to Turquoise telling Amethyst to "fight your own battles," as she takes it to the streets to drum up support but doesn't find any...yet.  She does finally find someone to help her, but like all good team-ups, it all starts with a fight.  

The issue ends with a dark cliffhanger that sets up the very personal stakes as Amethyst and her new friend head off to find answers together.

I liked this first issue.  Amethyst is more of a "Jim" book than a lot of the others that I read and review, so you're mileage may vary.  However, if you like books like Lumberjanes, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (obviously), then maybe you can join me.  Amy Reder gives enough background but keeps it light and makes everything look fantastic.  

Bits and Pieces:

Amethyst #1 is a fun start to a book that feels out of place with the overly dark post-Rebirth DCU...amd that's what I enjoyed most about it.  Instead of the Batman Who Laughs, Infected or Leviathan, we get flying horses and giant caterpillars and young heroes trying to save their world.  It all looks excellent, and I am excited to learn more as we travel Gemworld again...for the first time!


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