Saturday, May 23, 2020

DCeased: The Unkillables #3 Review

Tree Lobsters 4 Life

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, Rex Lokus, and Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: May 19, 2020

I'll admit that I wasn't keen on getting another DCeased book so soon after the main series ended.  I understand... it was a huge seller, it's just that it didn't impress me like most of the other books Tom Taylor has written. As a cred check, I think that Injustice is one of the best books of the decade, and I love Gabby/Honeybadger so much!  After the first issue of Unkillables, I still wasn't sold, but then issue two came out and won me over.  Does this final issue kick ass and make me want even more DCeased by the end?  Let's find out...

Before we continue, I want to present the Tom Taylor equation:

jokes + characterization + love - guard down + grizzly death  = feels where you didn't know there could be feels

We got that last issue, and it kicks in right away in this one as well.  How can you not fall in love with a 14-year-old girl who loves ponies and knows how to kill and man six ways with her hands?!?  All the kids are badass, and I love them!  Throw in the Tree Lobster bit, and you know Tom Taylor is going to break our hearts!

After Creeper saves Solomon Grundy (excellent), we see the overall plan of the "heroes"... try to get to the Gotham Jungle Sanctuary, whether it's still there or not.  We also get a distance spelled out between Bludhaven and Gotham, which I am down with that.

Unfortunately, things don't go as smoothly as they could have, but did you think they would?  A couple of children get taken, but Cheetah saves Matilda, and we even get a little laugh amongst the heartbreak (see equation above).  As the characters get closer to the Sanctuary, all I could think about was, "Where is Wonder Woman?"  Well, I got my answer pretty quickly!

Okay, I will reference the equation again as Cheetah, Creeper, and Soloman Grundy take on Diana.  If you told me that I would be cheering and crying for those three a couple of months ago, I would have called you crazy, but here we are.

That continues ten-fold as big moments follow huge feels, and rooting for our heroes to get to safety had so much more stakes and tension than anything in the first DCeased mini.  It also didn't hurt that this book had so many more badasses in it, and by the end, it was all about family.

That continues when we find out who has been narrating the issue and why it took so long to find out.  Everything ends suddenly, but I had a smile on my face and maybe even a tear in my eye.

I liked this issue a whole lot and, while I didn't expect or want an overly happy ending, Tom Taylor gave readers a nice mix of happy and sad... like I like it.  Overall, these three issues were worth the price of admission, and I suddenly am open to more DCeased...which is coming.

The art is the one thing that I wasn't a fan of throughout these issues.  Karl Mostert has a unique style that didn't jive with me, but I have seen others say they love it.  I will tell you that I did get used to it by this issue, and it didn't distract me from the story like it did in issue #1.  

Bits and Pieces:

DCeased: The Unkillables ends in Tom Taylor fashion.  Laughs, tears, and death all rolled up into one to give the reader an emotional ride from beginning to end.  It does end in a moment of hope to carry forward, and overall, I ended up glad this side series came out.



  1. Great review.This was so good.I'm not really a Tom Taylor fan. He's a great writer but I feel like his obsession with death and destruction outweighs the great character work and emotional moments. I think he found a great balance between the two in this book.I'm now looking forward to Dead planet and these digital companion issues.-Red

    1. Nice! I actually didn't like the first DCeased because it was more death and destruction and less the character moments...the last two issues of Unkillables are the Tom Taylor I love!