Monday, May 18, 2020

Amethyst #2 Review

Fast Friends

Writer: Amy Reeder
Artist: Amy Reeder
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 25, 2020

I liked the first issue of Amethyst a lot more than I thought I would, even as an Amy Reeder fan.  I am not a Gemworld enthusiast, and Brian Michael Bendis didn't make me more of one when Young Justice was hanging out there.  In fact, I think he made me like it less!  However, Reeder did enough to make me interested in the character of Amethyst and her current plight.  So, did this issue surprise me as well?  Let's find out...

The issue begins with a flashback to when Amy first found out she was a princess and that her parents had died thanks to the awful Dark Lord Opal.  It gets everyone up to speed, shows how feisty Amy is and also, sets up the continuation of the last issue's cliffhanger...her parents are alive!  Back in the present, we continue seeing that Gemworld is not right and that everyone is not looking kindly on House Amethyst or it's young princess right now.

We do get the name of Amy's companion, Phoss, and it seems that the oversight of not mentioning it last issue is being made up for by Amethyst yelling it all the time this month.  At least we got it!  I do want to know more about Phoss, but this issue has a weird feeling that she and Amy are suddenly BFFs from back in the day, and that makes me worry we may carry on without learning as much as I hope.  The two argue and stick their necks out for each other, and while it seems a bit quick for that, it does make them heroes, and with the limited amount of issues, it might be best served this way in the long run.  As far as the story goes, the only progression is our two heroes end up on a boat that has a connection to Phoss's past, and we get to meet Elba, the Earth-phile we heard of in the last issue.  

I thought this would be more fun, but it is just a way to force the book Amy got for her birthday into play and in turn, force a way for her to see Dark Lord Opal's evil plan. We end the issue with a raving mad Amy trying to slice everyone around her as she tries to come to grips with what she saw in her gem meditation.

I had less fun with this issue than the first, and really, I am only here for fun.  The story stalled and what progression we had was forced and only showed us what we already knew.  Sure, Amethyst didn't know it yet so now that she is up to speed, I hope next issue gets me back to smiling.

I liked the art in this issue, and if you are an Amy Reeder fan, I'm sure you will too.  Hey, even non-fans should like it or else!

Bits and Pieces:

I had fun with the first issue of Amethyst, but not so much this one.  I still love Amy Reeder's art, but the story felt like we jumped issues ahead and then forced our way forward again.  The main narrative is simple enough, but the scenes telling it don't get enough time to breathe and end up not hitting as much as they should.  I hope the next issue (whenever that will be?!?) gets back to the good stuff we got from the opening issue.


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