Tuesday, January 25, 2022

DC vs. Vampires #4 Review


A Vampire Walks Into a Bar...

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, James Tynion IV
Artist: Otto Schmidt
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 25, 2022

DC Vs. Vampires was one of the books in the running for my 2021 Book of the Year after only three issues.  I realized that was ridiculous, so here we are in 2022, and we shall see if it's the Year of the Vampire for me.  Am I allowed to say a book with some of my favorite heroes being killed or turned into undead monsters is fun?  Well, it is, and I'm here for it!  The last issue's cliffhanger put the target on Batman, and while the reader knows that's complete BS, the Justice League may not, and that's what sets up the "stakes" for this issue.  Let's jump in...

DC Vs. Vampires #4 opens with Constantine getting shit-faced all alone.  There is nothing crazy there, but it shows that the vamps are thinning out the heroes and villains.  The tension here is whether Constantine knows when Zatanna shows up. 

Meanwhile, Green Arrow pays a visit to the Batcave for a bit of a fight, and it becomes a sitcom situation where both think the other is a vampire.  Oliver explains how he found out about the vampires and that all evidence leads to Gotham.

I have my theories on who the head vampire is, but my gut feeling is it's Dick Grayson, who somehow was able to circumvent Batman's tests.  We see him a bit in this issue, showing up as Batgirl is investigating, and I don't trust him.  Though, maybe it's Barbara who is the head vamp...

The issue continues with Doctor Fate showing up and forcefully helping Constantine out and Wonder Woman visiting the Batcave.  I want to point out a tiny detail that shows that Rosenberg and Tynion are thinking things through and don't want to be called out by Vampire Nerds like Eric Shea.  At one point, Ollie makes fun of Bruce, saying he lives like a bat in the cave, and Bruce responds, "You know I don't live here...".  That right there allows Diana, Hal, and whoever is a Vampire to enter the Batcave uninvited since it isn't Bruce's home.

That plays out in the end as the entire Justice League arrives, but at this point, are they there because Diana and Hal accused Bruce of killing Barry, or are some of them turned as well?!?

This issue continues setting up the sides, and while there is a wow moment with Zatanna, this issue wasn't as crazy as the last two.  It was still really good, though, and the cliffhanger sets up what could be an explosive next issue.  Again, Otto Schmidt's art makes everything look good, and while this isn't my favorite issue of the series so far, it's still one of the better books coming out right now, in my opinion.

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Bits and Pieces:

DC Vs. Vampires #4 is more of a setup issue than the previous one, but it still was a good read.  It seems that the head vampire has a connection to Gotham, and Rosenberg and Tynion are having fun setting up clues and swerves for the readers to rack their brains over.


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