Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Wonder Girl #7 Review

A Race To The Finish

Written by: Joƫlle Jones
Art by: Leila Del Duca
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Letters by: Pat Brosseau
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: January 26, 2022

Wonder Girl #7 completes the inaugural run of the latest Amazon to join the Wonder Woman pantheon with a titanic battle at the gates of Mt. Olympus. When the dust settles, one of the key characters will perish. But who?

Was It Good?

More than a little media attention has sprouted up around Wonder Girl #7 because it marks a surprisingly abrupt end to a troubled series. Personally, I was very high on Yara Flor as one of the strongest and most promising character introductions in years, and one of the truly good things to come out of Future State. To see so much potential fall so far so fast is, in a word, disappointing.

So the big question remains - Does Jones pull off a mini-miracle and end the series with the best issue yet? The answer is "Almost".

If you were concerned the cancellation announcement meant that this last issue had to rush through every thread to wrap up the story, your concerns are valid. This singular issue moves ten times faster than the previous six-issue put together to just barely make it over the finish line with what technically qualifies as an ending.

Readers witness Yara Flor receive a loose bit of closure around her mother's death. The big battle at the foot of Mt. Olympus is sort of resolved. Yara's relationship with Zeus and the gods of Olympus is established. And, Yara has a new purpose in the human world... sort of. It's all very loosely resolved, plenty of questions surrounding what happened over the course of the series still remain unanswered (Why did Eros shoot himself with an arrow? What was the secret pact that Yara broke by simply showing up in Brazil that sent all the heroes on a world-wide alert? How did the Esquecidas from Brazil "march" to the gates of Mt. Olympus in Greece? etc. etc.)

In short, the series barely ends with what could technically be called a "conclusion". So many questions remain that will never be answered. And, the net result is a promising series that never made good on its promise.  On to Trial of the Amazons.

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Bits and Pieces

Wonder Girl #7 crosses the finish line of the unceremoniously canceled series by the thinnest of margins. Yara Flor winds up with a new status quo. Some story elements (her mother's death) get a semblance of closure. And, the art by Del Duca reasonably lives up to Jones's level. Given the troubles of this series, this finale is probably the best a reader could expect.



  1. The soldier in golden armor is supposed to be Ares?

    1. I believe they are supposed to be Deimos, Phobos and Eros