Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Peacemaker #4 (1967) Mini Review


Peace Sells...

Written by: Joe Gill
Art by: Pat Boyette
Cover Price: 12 cents
Release Date: September 1967

Though the cover claims this is an origin issue, the origin parts are pretty much Christopher Smith reminiscing about all those times he kicked ass “for peace”! What we do get in this issue, though, is tough-as-nails assistant Nora O’Rourke (complete with a black eye) showing up and immediately getting caught up in the Peacemaker life. They get shot at by a sniper and then bombed and captured by a terrorist within seconds of Nora finding out that Christopher is indeed Peacemaker. The issue veers a bit close to Iron Man’s origin when the terrorist, Colonel Uz, forces Peacemaker to repair stolen weapons for resale, but what better way for Peacemaker to gum up the works. Reading this now, it comes off a bit more fun than it was probably intended to be, but with the John Cena character going so over the top, it actually works! The art holds up well and the story doesn’t feel as dated as other late 60s comics I’ve read. There are always bad guys and as the great philosopher Dave Mustaine asked, “Peace sells, but who’s buying?”

Final Score: 8/10

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