Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Batman: The Brave and The Bold #1 Review


Written by: Tom King, Ed Brisson, Christopher Cantwell, Dan MoraArt by: Mitch Gerads, Jeff Spokes, Javier Rodríguez, Dan Mora
Colors by: Mitch Gerads, Jeff Spokes, Javier Rodríguez, Dan Mora
Letters by: Clayton Cowles, Saida Temofonte, Simon Bowland, Tom Napolitano
Cover art by: Simone Di Meo
Cover price: $7.99
Release date: May 16, 2023

Batman: The Brave and The Bold #1 recounts four tales of superhero adventure when Batman encounters a killer with a twisted sense of humor during his first year as a hero, Phantom-One's first mission with Stormwatch could make him grow old before his time, Superman receives an old decoder ring in the mail that leads to adventure, and a tech-enhanced Batman from an alternate Earth arrives to save two boys from Joker controlled Royal Flush Guardsmen.

Is It Good?

Typical for most anthology comics, Batman: The Brave and The Bold #1 is a mixed bag. Some stories read better than others. The art in some stories looks better than others. But it's a sure bet there's something in here for everyone.

Overall, Dan Mora's B&W Elsewhere adventure (Heroes of Tomorrow) is the best of the bunch

The Winning Card, Pt. 1

A killer makes public death threats that send the GCPD on wild goose chases during Batman's first year as a crime fighter. Batman will soon learn the killer has a sick sense of humor, and no one is safe.

What is it with Tom King killing little kids in his stories? In the pantheon of King's tenure at DC Comics, this first chapter of a multi-part story is almost a collection of Tom King tropes. You get Mitch Gerads's filtered-photograph art, a grim, miserable atmosphere, dead kids, and Batman making morally uncharacteristic choices. If you like what King did in Strange Adventures, this is the Batman version of that.

Stormwatch: Down With The Kings, Pt. 1

Phantom-One arrives at Stormwatch for his first day on the job - brings in a dangerous scientist who builds weapons using Speed Force and Anti-Speed force energy. Unfortunately, the scientist's buddies have other plans to break the good doctor out of Iron Heights.

Interesting. If you're not familiar with Phantom-On (Ghost-Maker's former sidekick) or Stormwatch, Ed Brisson lays out a rock-solid jumping-on-point to get to know the eclectic team and their unorthodox missions. Filled with interpersonal conflict, drama, lots of violence, and Jeff Spokes's spectacular art, this story is the one to watch.

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Superman: Order of the Black Lamp, Pt. 1

Acting EiC Lois Lane needs more exciting stories to get the Daily Planet's readership up. Clark Kent struggles to report on the everyday adventures of Superman, but an old package with a mysterious message asking for help may just be the story Clark has been waiting for.


No bad. Christopher Cantwell's story about Clark Kent looking for a unique story has a fair bit of wholesomeness, mystery, and intrigue mixed with classic Superman charm. Javier Rodríguez's low-detail art may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it gets the job done.

Heroes of Tomorrow

Readers visit an alternate Earth where a tech-advanced Batman faces off against cybernetic Royal Flush Guardsmen under Joker's virtual control. Batman finds himself in a fight for his life when he receives help from two small boys named Richard and Jason.

Simple, gripping, and intriguing. Mora's story (and art) is the bee's knees. Set in an alternate Gotham, this short looks and reads like a Batman Beyond story, but this simple attack/rescue vignette is a tried-and-true Batman scenario at its core. Of all the shorts in this anthology, this is the one most worthy of continuing in an Elseworlds mini or at least a one-shot.

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Bits and Pieces:

Batman: The Brave and The Bold #1 assembles four short chapters centering on Batman and his allies from alternate times and alternate realities. The collection has a little something for everyone, but Dan Mora's B&W short is the best of the bunch.


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