Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #15 Review


Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Dan Mora
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Steve Wands
Cover art by: Dan Mora
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: May 16, 2023

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #15 turns the Simon Stagg murder mystery into a shocking revelation that leads to a world-spanning Robot Uprising. I, for one, welcome our new Robot Overlords.
Is It Good?

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #15 is bananas. One of the net positives of this series has been Mark Waid's willingness to pull in characters from all corners of the DC universe, either in brief cameos or as major players in the plot.

This time, Waid doesn't just dig deep into DC's catalog of characters. He hits the Earth's molten core with the number of obscure characters popping up in this comic. Thankfully, the character list makes sense in service to the plot, so if you've been starving to see more DC characters than Batman get a little panel time, you're in for a treat.

When last we left the World's Finest, they figured out Metamorpho wasn't behind Simon Stagg's murder because Simon Stagg wasn't dead. All rods lead to someone with ultra-advanced robotics skills, which means a trip to visit Prof. Ivo. Now, the World's Finest learns the truth behind the "murder," kidnappings of other robotics geniuses, and the sudden emergence of robot villains across the globe.

Give credit to Mark Waid, for (again) swinging for the fences in this comic. There's robot fighting action in abundance, including everyone from the Metal Men to Amazo to long-absent villains like Mekanique. Waid peppers in plenty of back-and-forths during the action to give readers a roller-coaster ride. The dialog is perfect, the characters (particularly Metamorpho) express heaps of emotion to make them relatable, and the ending spells big trouble for the world.

In every way, the main villain (hint: it's not Ivo) is a global threat worthy of the World's Finest.

If there's a down point, which is admittedly more preference than a flaw, it's in the pacing. This comic moves VERY fast, and there are so many cut scenes and transitions that a few of the wow moments don't get enough room to breathe before the comic pivots in a new direction. To be clear, all the moments are awesome, but you're apt to wish there were fewer wow moments so you could appreciate them more. Again, it's a preference rather than a flaw.

How's the art? It's glorious. Dan Mora crafts this series to perfection. Not a line is out of place. Not a figure looks off-kilter or misshapen. Not one expression of emotion is missed or delivered incorrectly. This comic looks Amazo... err, amazing.

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Bits and Pieces:

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #15 escalates the Simon Stagg murder mystery into a world-ending robot revolution without a single hero strong enough to stop it. The pacing is lightning quick to a fault, the laundry list of character cameos (some recent, others ancient) is astounding, and the art is perfect.


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