Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Flash #799 Review


Written by: Jeremy Adams
Art by: Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Wade von Grawbadger, Tom Derenick
Colors by: Matt Herms, Pate Pantazis
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Cover art by: Taurin Clarke (cover A)
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: May 16, 2023

The Flash #799 sends Wally and his Flash Friends to the Palace of Eternity to retrieve his son from becoming Granny Goodness's latest weapon of mass destruction.
Is It Good?

 Jeremy Adams knows he's on his way out from this title, as are a number of creative teams at DC. But to Adams's credit, he will not go quietly into that dark night and appears willing to cram every imaginative twist, turn, surprise, and ounce of fun possible into every page remaining. Therefore, The Flash #799 is bonkers in all the right ways.

When last we left the Flash Friends, Wally and the crew sped off through Timed and Space in Mr. Terrific's unfortunately-shaped spaceship to reach the Palace of Eternity to rescue newborn Wade West from Granny Goodness. Along the way, the team happens to pick up a hitchhiker in the form of a purple-skinned wrestler, Omega-Bam-Man (OBM).

Now, the Flash Friends arrive at the Palace of Eternity to give it all they've got by wrestling (*ahem*) a giant ape, a giant robot, and a collection of superpowered kids Granny Goodness has already indoctrinated into her service.

On its face, this issue goes so far out of its way to be fun that it verges on wacky silliness. But you know what, I don't care. It's FUN. OBM develops an impressively quick camaraderie with Gold Beetle, the action is all-out energetic, Wally shows genuine urgency when he finally confronts Granny Goodness, and there's at least one surprise that has canon-changing implications for one of the characters (not Wally). Adams leaves everything on the table in this issue, and the results are purely entertaining.

How's the art? It feels a little disjointed, which isn't a surprise when you consider how many artists worked on this comic. The art mostly comes together, but it's not DC's finest offering.

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Bits and Pieces:

The Flash #799 is pure entertainment from start to finish. Adams has rightfully chosen to turn the imagination and fun factor up to 11 as he exits the title, and readers are reaping the benefits. The art could be better, but the story's over-the-top determination to be fun more than makes up for any art flaws.


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