Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Larfleeze #2 Review

Cosmic Butler for Hire

We start issue #2 with Larfleeze battling N'Odens, of the House of Tuath-Dan, Laord of the hunt. Stargrave finds himself sitting on the side lines with N'Odens hound that Larfleeze didn't kill, Lou. Lou tells Stargrave that they are from beyond the cosmic membrane on the other side of the creation point. (Oh yeah lots of this) We're also introduced to a gremlin like creature named Herb, who goes on and on about how he's a certified lackey, how he went to school got a diploma. (Ugh). Exposition continues explaining that N'Odens is a God, and that there are six in the House of Tuath-Dan, and that the others are worse than N'Odens, and that they are all in this universe to destroy and conquer.

Larfleeze eventually loses the fight, when he is ensnared by plasma coils, and Stargrave is taken by N'Odens, to be his man servant. N'Odens continues hunting and killing things for six weeks with his lackey, his hound, and now his man servant by his side. They set up a base camp on a lifeless planet, and Stargrave is asked an interesting question. If is orange bubble is gone then how has he been able to breath this whole time? Stargrave has no answer and doesn't have time to contemplate as N'Odens summons him to his side.

N'Odens orders Stargrave to skin and mount all the things he killed which he sees in a giant cage. Stargrave begins to miss being the butler of Larfleeze as he sees the task in front of him. Going through the cage he finds the body of Larfleeze and realises that the plasma coils have preserved him like a mummy. Stargrave pulls Larfleeze out of the pile and is instantly startled by a shout behind him. The character behind him tells Stargrave that she is keeping him alive, but she is not doing it so he can get himself killed. She claims that men call her The Wanderer. FIN

Okay what to say about this issue? This was a very tough read for me. It made me think about all the worst issues of Threshold. Characters just sitting around giving long exposition, and Keith Giffin trying to make the characters funny, but failing severely. It is just so tough....so very tough. I wanted to put this issue down, and just say the hell with the review, but people need to be warned. Larfleeze is a fun character, maybe a little single minded but this issue reminds you why Threshold was cancelled and if things don't change this title will follow. Just Ugh.


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