Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws #22 Review

Untitled Assassins

In the city of 'Eth Alth'eban Bronze Tiger tries to convince Jason Todd to lead the league of assassins against the "Untitled" and that with the league he will be doing the greater good he always wanted to do. Elsewhere StarFire battles Essence to retrieve exposition on who the All-Caste, The Untitled, and Ra's Al Ghul. Essence's mother taught Ra's about the well of sin's. Which lesser points of this well became the Lazarus pits that Ra's loves so well. Ra's built his city of "Eth Alth'eban around the well of sin's and a pack was created to keep balance between the light and the dark. Ra's would be the keeper of the well, and if any side light or dark attacked the walls of this city the truce would be broken. Now the Untitled have recruited Arsenal to break the seal of the well and take down the city's perimeter, so that he may rescue his friend as the Untitled finish off the League of Assassins. The Essence tells Starfire that she must stop Arsenal at all costs, because if he succeeds all will be lost and the Untitled will be unstoppable. Inside the walls Bronze Tiger continues to find out what Jason knows about their enemy but to every one's annoyance, no memories are coming back to him. Their discussion is interrupted, by something on the perimeter of the city. Cut to Arsenal looking badass beyond belief with homemade BFGs.

A lot of exposition in this story, but for the most part it was all pretty fun. The story was dragged down by Starfire and Essence, which sadly was the majority of the book. Really I just want this story line to end because I'm tired of reading The Outlaws. I want Red Hood back. Until that happens I think this title is going to suffer.


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