Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teen Titans #22 Review

 The Chewbacca Treatment

Continuing the Trigon story arc, everyone except Raven, Beast Boy, and Red Robin are bewitched by Trigon. Red Robin and Beast Boy have some funny banter, and Raven goes on to explain everything in long winded exposition, oh and we find out that Red Robin's wings are something called "inertrite". A very odd sounding version of adamantium for DC. I guess we need to know that they are inertrite and supposedly unbreakable because Red Robin uses them to stab Trigon through the back of the head, and out a set of eyes. Trigon gives some warnings about how they are all doomed, the world will be his, yatta, yatta. POOF! Gone in a puff of smoke.

The Titans regain themselves, and are surprised to see Amanda Waller there with a team of agents. (man she really gets around the New 52) She tells the Titans that all the destruction will be blamed on an earthquake, and everyone in the area has been psychically altered to believe it. Oh and it turns out that all the soldiers Psimon killed were just illusions from Trigon. We are then led to believe that's just something he does.

Back at the yacht the Teen Titans welcome Raven as a part of the team. It's funny how big a deal the whole team is making it too. Yeah she's the daughter of a devil like figure, but Beast Boy is left like Chewbacca at the end of New Hope. Everyone gets a medal but him. Anyway, Raven goes on to tell Red Robin that all the strange things he has done was a way of Trigon breaking down his will, and since she mentions every strange thing he's done the whole team knows about him hooking up with Wonder Girl, and Solstice. So Cassie, Kira, you have some splainin to do. After she sets off that bomb she tells the rest that she needs to be alone for awhile. Back at her quarters she contacts Trigon and tells him that she is in, and that his plan worked. Now we return you to "The Young and Heroic", Bart runs off to his room, Kira tries to follow, Conner, and Cassie walk off to talk about things. Bart in the middle of a "I can't believe my girlfriend hooked up with a side kick" tantrum, realizes he's not alone. A figure in a portal tells Kid Flash that he is a criminal and that he has been sent to take him back.

This issue was alright, nothing over the top fantastic. I'm just tired that all Solstice has to do, is be Kid Flash's girlfriend. Now we have to new members of the team, so she'll have even less to do. Super Boy hasn't done much in awhile, and Wonder Girl with the exception of taking charge while Red Robin was kidnapped by the Joker, hasn't had much to do since her origin story around issue #11. We're just having a lot of characters that are being under utilized. Now I don't know what I would do with that many characters and make them all interesting, but luckily that's not my job. I've liked almost everything that Scotty Lobdell has done with this series, hopefully he can bring back the freshness and keep people reading.


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