Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Batman/Superman #2 Review

Picking right up where the last issue left off. Superman E1 (this will be easier) found himself back in Smallville in front of his father, and Batman E2 where he proceeded to beat the hell out of him. We have a brief narration by the villain letting us know that she will be called Kaiyo The Trickster. Now Batman E1 is transported to the Batcave. He is concerned because if he was brought here, then someone knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Batman E1 calls to Alfred but is greeted only by Cat Woman E2. Batman E1 confronts her but she quickly takes him down, and comments on him being slopping, and a little wild. Being completely confused on the situation Batman E1 looks at the Bat computer and see a picture of him and Cat Woman.... A wedding picture..Dun Dun Duuuuun!

Back to Smallville Superman E1 looks upon his dead father, and when he reaches out to him his father recoils in fear, and shame. Superman E1 now turns back to the beaten Batman E2, and wants answers. Batman E2 realizes what is going on and Kaiyo doesn't want him to spoil her fun to soon. BOOM! Batman E2 is transported away. Having no time to process what happened Superman E1 hears a SHAKOOOOM! of a sonic boom and then the earth shaking sound of THOOOOM! Superman E2 has arrived. Meanwhile at the Batcave. Batman E2 knows that whoever is behind this transported him here, moving the pieces on the board, and that it has the power to breach dimensions, or alter reality. Then the realisation of him having a double makes him worried as he comes across Batman E1. The two fight and as awesome as that is, it aways works itself out the same way. They realise that they are the same only Batman E2 is older than the other Batman. They try to work out how this is possible but Batman E1 has bigger concerns. When he was transported he was fighting a villain wearing red and blue and that he was the most dangerous being he as ever seen. Batman E2 responds that he has a friend handling it. Superman vs. Superman HA! Superman E2 knocks the other down real easy and the fight might of escalated worse if not for Ma Kent's intervention. She walks out to the young Superman and looks him in the face, and know that it is her boy, just younger. All hostility is gone when Martha realises this is also her son if Jonathan and her had died.

Moving on, Batman and Batman are bonding in Wayne Manor, as I would think Cat Woman is having interesting thoughts of the possibilities. Gotham is cleaner, crime is gone, and Arkham is now an amusement park, oh the wonders of Earth 2. The Supermen move onto Metropolis where Superman E2 wants to introduce his counterpart to his wife Lois Lane. Wonder Woman interrupts the conversation. And we get a funny little quip about how young Clark seems to have the hots for Wonder Woman, and old Clark has to explain how he only ever had eyes for Lois. The story ends with Wonder Woman stabbing through Lois with her spear. Jaws drop, but Lois is now emitting a glow around her, claiming that they just picked a fight with a God.

Wow. This book is a lot of fun, my only gripe thus far is that I can't get behind the art work of Jae Lee. Now don't get me wrong everything looks beautiful, but for a comic book it just doesn't work for me. I'm really looking forward to next month when Brett Booth takes over, who is probably in my top 5 of DC artists right now. But that's another article entirely. Earth 2 has been since it came out one of my favorite books in the New 52 and I'm really happy that the first meeting between Batman and Superman is apart of Earth 2 Batman and Superman. I just have been wanting more back story on our heroes Earth 2 counterparts since Earth 2 began. Killing them off in the first issue of that title had me crying foul so hopefully we get that with the continuation of this story.


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