Friday, August 2, 2013

Batman Incorporated #13 Review

            In Batman Inc. #1 Bruce Wayne is arrested by the police, and then we travel back a month ago.  All thirteen issues encompass that month, and as we start out on this final issue of Batman Inc. We see Bruce Wayne being arrested and then questioned by Jim Gordon.  During the questioning we see flashbacks of the final confrontation between Batman and Talia Al Gul.  Talia informs Batman that if she fails to return, leviathan will release Gotham.  So it comes down to if Batman wants to save the city he needs to kill Talia, or she will kill him.

            During the battle Talia tells Batman that she has used a new poison on the blade of her sword.  He only has ten minutes to live.  Wing Man shows up with the Oroboro trigger and is willing to exchange it for the antidote for Batman.  Batman takes the antidote and Talia tries to push the trigger, but it has already been deactivated.  Batman gets up and gives some informed speech, and tells her to run.  Talia refuses and then BLAM!  out of nowhere Kathy Kane shows up and shoots Talia in the head.  I don't know.  I just don't know.  Kathy comes out of nowhere with a golden gun like some assassin out of a Bond picture, shoots Talia, tells Batman he should not try to find her, and  I don't know Batman is instantly left alone with Bat Cow, and Alfred the cat.  Kathy gone, Wing Man gone, and Talia's body gone.  I don't know. 

            The story ends with the charges being dropped on Bruce Wayne, and Alfred taking him home to see two empty plots in the cemetery on the grounds.  No names, I can only imagine that these to open graves are for Batman, and Bruce Wayne.  Throughout the issue Bruce talks about Batman being dead, but in the end he suits up, and kicks the hell out of some street punks.  Batman style.  During the epilogue we see that Ra's is planning his revenge on Batman by raising an army of the son's of Batman.

            Well it wasn't the issue I wanted, but it's what I got and it's the end.  I don't know if I missed something but Kathy Kane coming out of nowhere just seems forced, and an easy way to end the story.  The cover states that this is the "EPIC CONCLUSION", it might be the conclusion but I didn't find anything about this issue to be epic.  Readers of Batman Inc. will get it to complete their story, but this issue will not draw people in to read the rest of the series.  Sorry Grant, but yet again you have left me wanting.


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