Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #28 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Brad Walker
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 19, 2014

Curb Stomping Gods Across The Cosmos

Okay so moving on with the New Guardians.  I usually take this time to tell you what happened last issue, but it has no bearing on this, so I'll just get on with the story at hand.  God Killers.

Explain It!:

The story begins in space sector 0169, on a planet where it's inhabitants do a whole Hunger Games pick someone to sacrifice lottery.  But as the chosen sacrifice is about to give his life to their god, a figure who may or may not be Brett Booth comes down from above and shoves a spear through their god's neck.  Holy Shit.

Elsewhere Kyle, Carol, and the Templar Guardians have found a new planet to investigate.  I have to wonder how long will I continue calling them the Templar Guardians?  Technically they're the only Guardians going on right now, so eventually I think I'll be able to bring myself to just call them the Guardians.  But not yet.  On this planet the Templar Guardians tell us that a religion called The Light and The Fire has spread among it's people.  But this new belief system makes the majority of the planet's people mighty anxious, and by anxious I mean hateful and murderous.  The believers of the Light and Fire have been relocated into a single area, and our heroes come down to the planet just as the planet's soldiers are trying to force another group out of their homes, and relocate them.  But these people don't want to leave, and that means the soldiers plan on moving them dead or alive with their killer caterpillar tanks.  Isn't religion fun?

Kyle being Kyle goes down, and resorts to violence right away, but is stopped by a herald of the Light and Fire, and tells him that the believers do not condone violence.  But a firefight breaks out anyway.  Kyle and Carol do their best to stop the violence, but the soldiers have some pretty impressive killer caterpillar tanks.  Kyle stops the battle briefly when he turns his compassion on everyone, but it won't last, and he refuses to do it again because he felt all the fear of the people when he did it.  Look up in the sky, the god of The Light and Fire shows up and demonstrates her power.  Turns out their god is real, and goes by the name of X'al.  For long time readers of DC you'll recognize this name from DC of yesteryear.  In the end we see that the God Killers have found the location of the Destroyer of Worlds, and I don't mean Gozer, and they gather up their forces to go curb stomp a god.

Bits and Piece:

I gotta tell you I'm really psyched to see where this story goes.  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a fan of religion, and the title God Killers just caught my attention.  But I just feel this issue spent a lot of time standing around talking, and it really made the issue lag.  Or maybe I'm just a slow reader, either way I think this issue could have been a bit better, but I'm still looking forward to this story arc.  Join the fun, and check it out.


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