Sunday, February 23, 2014

Red Hood and The Outlaws #28 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: James Tynion IV
Art By: Stephen Segovia
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 19, 2014

Bring On The Fun!

So Jason has his memory back, we're all done with the Untitled, The League of Assassins, Ducra, and Ra's Al Ghul, and that amnesia nonsense.  At the end of last issue Red Hood tells Arsenal and Starfire that it's time for a vacation, and what I get from that is it's time to get back to the fun of Red Hood and The Outlaws.  So let's dive right in, and get back to our favorite emotionally damaged Robin, and his wacky band of friends.

Explain It!:

Remember Jason Todd's main squeeze of this series; Isabel Ardila?  Well we haven't seen her since Death of the Family where the Joker gave her an overdose and called the EMTs and the police while Jason was showering.  Remember yet?  So now that Jason's himself again, and looking for a little R&R, it makes sense he'd want to reconnect with a love interest, but he doesn't go about it the best way possible.  Isabel returns home after a date where we see she's holding herself back from love, because deep down she's still waiting for Jason.  Well she doesn't have to wait long because when she enters her apartment, the place is crowded with Roy's crazy robots.  Before she can have a heart attack one of the bots projects a live feed of Jason talking to her.  He tells her he's sorry for leaving her before, and has a private jet waiting to take her to him on a private luxury island.  Hell I'm not about to sleep with Jason, but I'd take him up on that and then consider the former.

So Isabel goes to the island, and we see that everyone is enjoying themselves even Starfire who is pissed that she has to wear a cloaking field making her look like a human.  But when you're wanted all over the world it's good to keep a low profile.  But the fun doesn't last for long, it turns out that the island might as well be from a James Bond movie because it's a front for a criminal organization that resides below the surface, run by a man named Midas. (not the Midas from Green Arrow)  Once Midas learns that The Red Hood and The Outlaws are on the island he figures it can't be a coincidence and decides to take the team out, before they can do the same to him, and during this all I can hear is that awful bit of dialogue from A Good Day To Die Hard with Bruce Willis spouting "I'm on vacation".  Blah.  The showdown culminates on the dance floor where we get to see our team back in action together and.............Scottish Terrier Damn it.  Jason Todd still has those magic swords he creates from the last story line with the League of Assassins.  I was really hoping that was a temporary thing.  Red Hood isn't Red Hood without his pistols, at least that's what I think, and what I think goes, so Boosh!

In the end the team defeats the evil robots, Midas gets away, and Isabel realizes that Jason's life is too busy, and dangerous for her.  It doesn't help that at the beginning he promised nothing dangerous would happen on the vacation.  So the Outlaws go on being badass, and Isabel realizes she can finally move on in love.  Really good issue.

Bits and Pieces:

Reading this issue gave me such a weight off the shoulders feeling.  We're back to what made this series so great, and so fun.  Outlaws out there kicking ass and taking names.  Not only do we get our favorite anti-hero back in action and back to being himself, but we get to clear up some unanswered questions that have been left hanging since Death Of The Family.  If the series continues the arrogant, comedic, and sexy portrayals that got me to love this series in the first place, then I'll be a happy fanboy for the rest of the run.  Go get this and realize what you've been missing in your life.


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