Monday, February 24, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays 2/24/14

We're heading out of February and for me that means a bunch of things.  The snow is going away, it's going to become warmer, and my general attitude towards things like life won't generally lean near "Fuck Off".  Oh yes spring is coming, and with it hope for what might be coming around the corner when we can shed our long sleeves, and get out of the house (I'm speaking for most people, I'm a few phobias away from being an agoraphobe) and see what life has to offer.  But I'll hold here and look at what I hope will come this year, and by come I mean at least be announced.  This week I was thinking about the future of DC films, and it made me realize I really want to see a Wonder Woman movie.  Think of it as a hardcore Percy Jackson, or a modern day Clash of the Titans, it could be badass in the way that Thor actually worked as a film, which
still blows my mind.  So bring on Diana and leave the misogyny at the door when you think that a woman can't hold people's attention in a action film.  Here's a Wonder Woman fan short that I love, and hope you'll enjoy it as well.  Make sure to go to the maker's site Rainfall films.   Boosh!

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