Thursday, February 27, 2014

Talon #16 Review

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Jorge Lucas
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 26, 2014

Escape This

In case you haven't heard, Talon has been canceled.  I have had a love-not so love (hate is too strong a word) relationship with the title. Through eight issues it was my favorite book in the New 52. Coming off the debut of the Court of Owls in Batman, the tale of Calvin Rose floored me.  After that first story arc, the book took a nose dive and seemed to lose direction.  James Tynion IV finished off his run in strong fashion and last month's one-shot by Marguerite Bennett was a nice little distraction.  Now it is up to Tim Seeley to finish off the series with a two story arc involving Calvin Rose, Lord Death Man and Lazarus Pits, oh my.

Calvin Rose is above Gotham Bay in a coffin, wrapped in chains, while the rope suspending it all is burning.  Yes, for those who remember, it is a great shout out to Calvin's Haley Circus days as an escapist.  Unfortunately, Calvin isn't on his game these days and he blames death...or lack thereof.  You see, without death looming over him as motivation, why does it matter?  So Anya (the former League of Assassins gal) tells him the tall tale of Lazarus Pits that can grant life.  You see, Calvin wants to be alive so he can cheat death. That may sound confusing, but to Talon readers it should make perfect sense.

What doesn't make a lot of sense is why we need this story in the first place.  Tim Seeley is doing his best here, but you can't help wonder if it's worth the effort.  Calvin's story had a good ending two issues ago so why continue?

I'm not an answer man, but at least what Seeley gives is has the potential for a fun little story.  I love Lord Death Man and he's here and crazy as all hell.  Throw in Dr. Darrk, Ra's and the lazarus pits and we might get a fun little sendoff.  Unnecessary, but fun.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my major complaint with this book.  Where are all the Batman Inc. team?  That was the most exciting part of the cliff hanger a couple months ago and here we get nothing.  Hopefully they all show up next issue or I'll be really mad.

Bits and Pieces:

Talon #16 is fun, but unnecessary.  Tim Seeley is given the task to end a tale that already ended and against all odds, does a fairly good job.  Fans of the book will probably read this and next months finale, but new readers should just go back and read the excellent first arc.


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