Saturday, April 26, 2014

All Star Western #30 Review

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by: Staz Johnson and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 23, 2014

Back In the Saddle Again

Jonah Hex is back in the Old West. Jonah in the future was good fun, but I'm so glad the book is back to the "Western" promised in the title.  Much to my surprise, this book also makes good of the "All Star" as well, but was it any good?

If I ever meet Jimmy Palmiotti and/or Justin Gray maybe they will give me a wink and a nod to let me know that Jonah Hex in the future was mainly an editorial decision.  Granted, I really enjoyed the fun aspects of the fish out of water story.  Especially since this fish curses, drinks, smokes and womanizes every step of the way.  However, the book seemed to become a Who's Who of guests stars who stood around wondering why they were there.  Hey DC and you people in your meetings, this book is great on it's own so concentrate on marketing it as what it is and not changing it so the kids can "dig it" or whatever old and used expressions you guys use to show how hip you aren't.  Note: if this wasn't an editorial decision please disregard the above and proceed with the review below.  Thank you for your time.

Where was I?  Oh yea, Jonah is back in the Old West and I couldn't be happier.  Last issue ended with gal-pal Gina dying suddenly.  Palmiotti and Gray basically hit the reset button and we can get back to business. Of course, Jonah needs a lady and that's what this issue is about.  Tallulah Black is back in black and after a little back-and-forth with Jonah, they settle down for a drink.  Then they get involved in a Mexican standoff with a bunch of outlaws (with one looking a hell of a lot like Carrot Top).

Staz Johnson's art is great as well.  I don't know if it's my giddiness of being back where the book should be, but it hasn't looked this good since the book left the Old West.  Staz concentrates most of his details on the characters and that's fine with me.  They look great.  Now we just need to get some scars on Jonah's pretty face and all will be good in the World.

The only thing I can complain about is that there isn't enough.  It is over so quick, but there is a good reason. This month we get a backup...the story of Madame .44.

I really enjoyed this backup.  We get an origin story that involves prospecting, betrayal and my favorite, the supernatural.  I like what we get of Jeanne Walker aka madame .44 and look forward to seeing more of her. The book is All Star Western and she could become a star.

 I really liked Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez's art.  It really worked well with the story and also with Staz Johnson's. There was one little problem where Madam .44 mentions something is blue when it is clearly green.  Maybe she's color blind.  We'll go with that.

Bits and Pieces:

All Star Western #30 lets Palmiotti and Gray get everything back to where it should be.  Jonah in the Old West is awesome, I just wish we got more of it this month.  However, the short length was due to an interesting backup featuring the origin of Madam .44.  The book never left, but I'm so glad it's back.


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