Sunday, April 20, 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #30 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Justin Jordan
Art By: Brad Walker, Diogenes Neves
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 16, 2014

Getting Emotional, But In A Good Way

In part 2 of the God Killers we saw X'Hal's origin, her herald's (who we're calling Kala this issue) origin, and the God Killer's origin.  It's not everyday you get to see the birth of a god, and then at the same time see a battle to kill a god.  The issue ends with the God Killers showing up on the planet, and attacking X'Hal, so let's see if Kyle, Carol, and the Templar Guardians can find a peaceful solution to this fight.  Knowing Kyle though it's not likely.  Let's dive right into God Killer Part 3 and take a looksie.
Explain It!:

The issue begins with what looks like X'Hal's death.  Which leads to an all out battle between Kyle, Carol, and the Templar Guards against The God Killers.  Now this seems like it would be a breeze, Guardians of the Universe and all, White Lantern, but no The God Killer's armor, and weapons some how make them a greater force than they have any right being.  After all the big bads that Kyle has been up against in the past two years, we got what look like regular folks in blue armor that start taking him to school just seems ridiculous.  He's the goddamn White Lantern, he should be kicking ass and taking names, when he's not helping people and taking names that is.  Kyle's a big fan of names.

The fighting pauses when X'Hal returns.  But the God Killers expected as much, and made a contingency plan.  Either X'Hal can kill herself, or the God Killers that are stationed on every planet that worship X'Hal can systematically kill her people.  X'Hal sends her mind outward and sees that The God Killers aren't bluffing, and yet she chooses to fight.  Why are gods always letting us down?  So X'Hal gets all wrathful, and our heroes do their best to try and contain the fiery tornado that X'Hal has swept most into.  On the outskirts of the wrathnado, Kala tries to defend her god from one of the God Killers, and we get another reason to freak X'Hal out.  Kala is mortally wounded, and even Kyle's healing blue light can't heal her.  Seriously these God Killers are way too powerful.  I really hope we learn where they got these weapons and armor.  

Since Kyle can't save Kala he taps into all the anger in the area, and shows the God Killers what the emotion rage can really do.  Mostly it just makes you look like an idiot who can't control your powers, luckily Carol calms him, and they work on a new plan.  Carol senses the love the leader of the God Killers; "The First" feels for his soldiers.  Carol wants Kyle to tap into that love so he can teleport all the God Killers on all the planets away from the people they plan on killing.  Now we've seen Kyle try to teleport a bunch of people in one place before, and it nearly killed him.  But with Carol's help Kyle taps into the Sapphire power of love and displays a power that has never been seen in the universe.  He completes the task, and all the God Killers are teleported away leaving their weapons and armor behind, and better yet, Kyle lives.

In the end the Templar Guardians tell Kyle that he's becoming something, that they've been hinting at since Kyle survived the source wall when he replenished the emotional spectrum reservoir.  For the answer to what he's becoming we have to wait two weeks for the New Guardians Annual #2.  Also we see a small epilogue about the God Killers.  It looks like Kyle marooned them on the old home world of the Blue Lanterns, and they plan on rebuilding, and returning to the fight.  For all my bitching about Kyle not being as strong as I think he should be, Justin Jordan really stepped his power up with that teleportation in the end, and it's really awesome to see Kyle being this super power of the universe.  It seems like Kyle's lot in life to keep becoming something, ever since he was first introduced we keep seeing something new to this character I love, and it's great.  So see you in two weeks for the Annual.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a really good issue, besides the fact that I would read a comic with Kyle Rayner just being powerful and kicking ass, this issue was just a joy to read.  We're shown the actual might of the God Killers, who may be one of the fiercest foes that Kyle has ever faced, and we finally begin the evolution of Kyle Rayner's abilities since he survived the source wall.  This is such a fun issue, and the Templar Guardians were so badass, I may even start calling the Templar Guardians, the actual Guardians which is big deal for me because I never thought I would.  Go check it out, and see what all my fuss is about.


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