Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weird Science DC Comics News: WonderCon/Easter Edition

Easter Sunday.  Like everyone else, two things that always pop into my mind when I think about Easter are Candy and WonderCon News.  What doesn't pop into my mind are movies.  Every Holiday seems to have it's own go to movie, but what is Easter's?  Of course, there are plenty of religious movies, but The Passions of the Christ is not my idea of a good time.  I like fun Holiday movies like Groundhog Day, Christmas Vacation and My Bloody Valentine.  So, here is my list of best Easter Movies:

Top 5 Mostly Non-Religious Easter Movies that are Fun and aren't that Religious

5. Holiday Inn
4. Easter Parade
3. Hop
2. The First Easter Rabbit
1. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Honorable Mention: Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

And now...

On With The News

Batman 75th Anniversary Panel Seemed Like Fun

A bunch of big names were at the panel including Bruce Timm, Jim Lee, Kevin Conroy and Kevin Smith. They played the new Darwyn Cooke Batman Beyond animated short and talked a little Batman.  Kevin Smith told the audience that Batman's greatest villain is his humanity, Timm said that Batman Beyond was Warner Brothers effort to make a Batman series more like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jim Lee let everyone in on the secret that he finished nine issues of Batman: Hush before it was even announced.  By my calculations, that means he started working on it when he was 2 1/2 years old.

Wally West is Here to Stay

Robert Venditti announced that him and Van Jensen's The Flash will focus on how Barry Allen and Wally West deal with each other as well as old and new villains. So, he really didn't say much.

Bernard Chang Can Count Real High

At the New 52 Panel, artist Bernard Chang talked a little Green Lantern.  In fact he talked about ALL the Green Lanterns.  He told the audience he has drawn 1300 Lanterns so far, but really wants to portray the other 7,200 in some way.  However, with the Uprising crossover coming up, he may get his chance.  I hope he does every Green Lantern Corps issue in Uprising because he's been off-again-on-again recently.

Adventures of Superman Cancelled

This one is a little personal.  I loved the Adventures of Superman digital first comic.  It seemed to be the last place you could go to read some good, classic feeling Superman stories.  With revolving creative teams it stayed fresh and it was fun to see what each team chose to do with the Superman Universe.  Now it is gone. It is being replaced by Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse.  I can't say anything bad about video game tie-ins since the Injustice comic is one of my favorites, but come on.  It's based on the Infinite Crisis MOBA that I have no interest in playing.  Hopefully, the comic will be great and I will eat my words by selecting it my best of 2014.  We will see.

Batman Gets Robin Back in July

Yes, but who will it be?  The Batman and (insert character here) title will revert back to good old Batman and Robin for issue #33 in July.  Also in July, a little one-shot called "Robin Rises: Omega" will hit the shelves.  Both books are written by Peter J. Tomasi, but he's not talking.  Actually he is, but he's not telling anyone who Robin will be.  My guess, Vibe.

Well, That's it for now.  If anymore news comes out of WonderCon today, get it from the other sites you all go to first because I am already tired and I have to cook a big ham dinner.

Another Week, Another News.  Hambone J...out!

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