Thursday, April 24, 2014

Worlds' Finest #21 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Paul Levitz, Greg Pak
Art By: RB Silva
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 26, 2014

Closing The Bridge, Not Like Jersey

So this is about a month late due to Batman/Superman #9 beings so late, and my refusal to do it until I could read the whole story, but we're here and we can finish the First Contact story in order together.  Last issue Kaizen Gammora opened the portal to Earth 2, Superman destroyed his nanites, even though they appear to be some residual nanite action going on here, and Huntress and Power Girl look through the universal bridge to see a world they no longer recognize.  It's time to stop Kaizen once and for all, and don't expect our two heroes from Earth 2 to get home because the issue after this one still has them on Prime Earth.  How do you like that for a spoiler?  So let's get done this really disappointing story.

Explain It!:

So even though it seemed Kaizen disappeared by the end of last issue here he is controlling his machine, and then magically battle armor appears on him.  It's time to conquer a new world.  But Power Girl isn't going to let her world be subjected to this madman, so she throws him aside and seems to get mesmerized by the portal home.  Since we all know what's over there it's a good thing that Huntress develops some sort of super strength.  What am I talking about, well she kicks Karen in the face, and she gets knocked back.  Not really something that happens to people that don't feel bullets.  

Kaizen grabs Huntress and throws her towards the portal, Superman saves her, then Power Girl throws Kaizen into the portal and possibly to his doom.  Yeah it really moves this fast.  Well with Kaizen gone Batman's worried about getting out of here, and Power Girl and Huntress are still thinking about using the universal bridge to get home, even if it might not be there world.  Image if Worlds' Finest became like the old TV show Sliders, where they travel the multiverse trying to get home.  Probably I'd be the only one watching just like when Sliders was on the air.  So all is fine and we can wrap this up nicely..........Oh god what is that coming out of the portal?  Well Kaizen is back and for some reason he's giant now, and decked out in Apokolips armor.  He's back to bring Karen through the portal because the one who loves her tasked him with this chore in return for the nanites, technology, and a new world to conquer.  Who's this mystery person you ask, well it's the murderous Superman from Earth 2.  Earth 2 Superman sends some Parademons through the portal, and we actually get some really good "not father not daughter" action.

While the fighting is going on Power Girl talks to Earth 2 Superman, and she realizes that this is actually her Kal, and is willing to go through the portal to him.  But Huntress isn't ready to lose her best friend yet so she fires an arrow at the control panel and shuts it down after Kaizen walks through.  As you can image Karen is pissed, but luckily not Earth 2 Superman pissed.  In the end the two pairs of heroes part ways, and we see Kaizen on Earth 2 talking to Superman who shows him the punishment for failure.  For some reason Kaizen is not the giant he was a second ago, and I have no explanation for it.  Well I didn't have an explanation for why he became a giant in the first place either.  So that's it we're all wrapped up on "First Contact", and I don't think I could be more disappointed.  At most this story gave us a way to cure Power Girl of her power malfunction.  I just expected some more heart warming moments where Huntress is around a version of her dead father, but they decided to split the teams up so Batman only had this issue to kick some ass with the daughter he never had.  As for the Kryptonians, I don't know what to tell you.  The New 52 has made this race of people almost unbearable to be around others, and even each other.  The only thing I can recommend at this point is to repress this whole story arc, and forget it ever happened.

Bits and Pieces:

While this is not a great issue, at least I could see what was going on with Silva's art which is more than I can say for Jae Lee's Batman/Superman issues of this story.  I just had such high expectations for First Contact, and now that it's over I'm just left feeling cheated.  So much potential wasted simply to get Power Girl's powers back on track and to show them the world they left behind.  With the new solicitations for Earth 2's weekly title coming we can see that this is the beginning of the end of Power Girl and Huntress on our world, and all the stories leading up to this were pretty much pointless since they'll be going home soon.  Oh well, at least we can move on to better stories, hopefully.


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