Sunday, April 20, 2014

Harley Quinn #5 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Art By: Chad Hardin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 16, 2014

Super Zero Team Up

Last issue of Harley Quinn saw the kidnapping, and torture of a family deemed cruel and uncaring by our title character.  Only problem is Harley jumped the gun on her judgments, because the old lady that complained about her family being cruel by never visiting has Alzheimer's.  Oopsy Daisy, well even Superman makes mistakes from time to time.  In the end of the issue Harley is confronted by a elderly wheelchair bound gentleman that used to be a government super hero Sy Borgman, known as Syborg.  Ha ha.  He's requesting Harley's help in finishing a mission he started years ago, namely killing elderly Russians.  So we'll jump into this issue and see if all goes according to the Syborg's plans.
Explain It!:

The issue begins with Syborg discussing the plan to take out his old Russian nemeses, while Harley chows down on some chili dogs.  The two part ways and plan on going through with the act tomorrow, in the meantime Sy expects Harley to study the files on their targets to make sure she isn't caught by any surprises when the time comes to take them out. The whole scene gets annoying because Sy starts a trend of speaking Yiddish, and I guess the big joke will be that Harley doesn't understand him, then I hear a laugh track go off in my head, but you guys don't have to woryy about it.  So Harley's supposed to study, this obviously means that it's time for silliness instead of studiness.  Yeah studiness is a word now, deal with it.  

Harley goes home where a show is about to begin.  If you remember Harley lives on the top couple floors of her building and the rest of it is housing for a freak show, and the bottom floor is for stage shows of said freak show.  Harley gets Big Tony to hold the files that Sy gave her and goes in to watch the act.  For some reason Harley gets really into the show, and even interrupts it because she believes the sexy girl to be sacrificed is actually going to be sacrificed.  How embarrassing.  So Harley ruins the show, and goes up stairs to study for the rest of the night, well until she nods off.  Enter weird psychedelic dream time.  I'm really not sure why we're watching her weird dreams about nonsense, but they're there.

The next day Harley meets Sy, and they get to work.  The first target is a man in a coma.  Yeah a man in a coma.  Sy swears up and down that he's real dangerous, and might snap awake at any moment to kill them.  Nope he stays asleep and the duo after trying to find what cord to pull, kill the man in a very bloody way.  The next target is a woman that lives in a guarded estate.  Syborg and Harley make there way onto the grounds taking out every guard along the way, while continuing to annoy the reader with the running gag that Sy speaks Yiddish, and Harley doesn't get it.  Oh well.  The issue ends with a bang when Harley reaches her target, but she's not going down alone.  The woman sets off a detonator, and we see the house explode ending the issue.  So that's it for now, as an extra spoiler it seems that Big Tony is one of the people that Sy is looking to kill, and when Harley asked him to take her files the night before he kept his own.  It's not exactly spelled out yet, but you get the hints in the issue.  See you next time, and hopefully we'll have more to do than to crack wise in Yiddish.

Bits and Pieces:

This is the first real disappointment for me since this series began.  We're entering a story that seems to be about checking off a hit list for senior citizens which sound really funny, but all we get is the running joke that Sy speaks Yiddish, and Harley doesn't get it.  This annoying joke just drags the action down, and by the end of the issue I just didn't care about story anymore.  The only plus side is that Chad Hardin's artwork continues to please, and is the life jacket that kept this issue afloat while I was reading it.  I'll still be optimistic that next month will bring me right back on board, and we can put this issue behind us.  


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