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Batman Beyond Universe #11 Review

Batman Beyond Universe #11 Review

Written by: Kyle Higgins and Christos Gage
Art by: Thony Silas and Dexter Soy
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 25, 2014

This is a first for me.  I'm going to collect the digital issue reviews and combine them into the Batman Beyond Universe #11 review.  Hey, if DC can double dip, so can I.  Besides the selfish reasons, I'm also doing this because everyone should be reading these books. Batman Beyond 2.0 and Justice League 2.0 are so good.  The Justice Lords crossover has been stupendous and collected issue #11 has one of my favorites so far.  If you don't want to wade through four reviews then just stop right now and go buy this collected book.  Actually, buy the digital first when they are released and then go buy the collected book because it is worth it.

Batman Beyond 2.0 #21

Another World: Sacrifice

Lord Superman is back home in his own timeline and has a bone to pick with Terry.  You see, Lord Superman has a problem with Batman.  It doesn't matter your name or outfit.  If you are a Batman, Lord Superman hates you.  When Lord Superman hates you, Lord Superman fights you.

The battle is pretty much the entire issue.  It's a few rounds long and I have to say, Terry really impressed me.  Higgins shows that without brains, gadgets don't get you far.  With brains, however, you can fight a Titan.  He holds his own, but in the end makes a decision to trust in the other timeline Terry.  It's a strong moment that shows what a real hero is.

Then it happens.  Seriously, this book went from good, to I can't believe what just happened.  It's a moment that you want to show other people the minute it happens. I showed my wife and she even pretended to care. She doesn't read comics.  If you do read them it will blow your mind.

Thony Silas gets to flex his muscles with all the action and he doesn't disappoint.  While I read it, his art makes me think I'm watching a new episode of the cartoon.  It's that good.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman Beyond 2.0 #21 is another great issue.  I've been accused of throwing the term "game changer" around too often but this my friends is a game changer.  I can't wait to see where Kyle Higgins goes from here.


Batman Beyond 2.0 #22

Another World: Razor's Edge

I hate to spoil things in my reviews, so it's going to be pretty hard to write a lengthy review of this issue.  The whole thing is a spoiler.  Let me just say that if you were pissed off after last issue, you'll be excited.  If you were excited, you'll be pissed off.  I am a huge believer in Kyle Higgins so I will trust him, but I thought what happened could have opened up so many cool stories in the future.

Besides the elephant in the issue, Kyle Higgins begins the redemption of the Justice Lords Timeline Dick Grayson.  He has watched Lord Superman kill two Batmen and he's beginning to show doubts on what side he should be on.  First up will be what he decides to do with "T".

Back in spoiler territory, the rest of the issue shows that Lord Batman had a plan to deal with Lord Superman, even from the grave.  No surprises here, Batman always has a plan.  It leads to another awesome cliffhanger that has me mad I have to wait to see what happens.

This was the hardest issue of Batman Beyond 2.0 for me to place a score on.  Depending on where you stand with the big reveal, your opinion will vary greatly.  However, when all is said and done, it's another great issue.

Thony Silas' art is outstanding again.  I really have run out of accolades for the great art that makes this book look more like a Batman Beyond episode than a comic book.  This issue he gets to flex his muscles with plenty of kick ass action.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman Beyond 2.0 #22 is hard to put a score on.  Your enjoyment will depend greatly on your opinion of what happened last issue.  I felt a little cheated, but Kyle Higgins story coupled with Thony Silas' art did so much to ease my pain.


Justice League Beyond 2.0 #21 

The Return of Wonder Woman: Dynasty

I don't like spoiling things, but I have to assume everyone has read the last issue of JLB 2.0.  Wonder Woman spends most of that issue explaining her actions to Clark and Bruce.  It really fleshed out the Justice Lords timeline and showed the sacrifices Wonder Woman made for peace.  Then she reveals she came back for one reason, her son.  We then see Zod.  Awesome, right?

Yes and no.  This issue picks up from there with Zod showing what a badass little guy he is.  He thinks he can take on the Justice Lords himself and he may be right.  He does send out word of the attack which leads us back to Diana, Clark and Bruce.  Again, the bulk of the issue is Wonder Woman explaining what her and Lord Superman had to do for the peace of their timeline. 

It's a really good story that fills in some needed cracks, but again leads back to Zod.  I know it won't read this way in the collected work, but this issue comes off as a little redundant and a bit of a letdown especially after last weeks Batman Beyond 2.0.  Speaking of which, I didn't like the way they dealt with the recent events of that other book.  I wanted more of a reaction, but I'm sure that will come next week.

I know it seems like I didn't like this issue, but nothing can be further from the truth.  I liked it, but it did feel like filler getting ready for the finale.  If we already didn't know Zod was Wonder Woman's son, it would have held more weight.

I did enjoy Dexter Soy's art as usual.  I love his Wonder Woman and getting to see Zod in full action mode was a bonus.  In fact, all the action in this issue really stood out.

Bits and Pieces:

Justice League Beyond 2.0 #21 is a good issue that fills in some cracks in the story, but unfortunately also comes across as a little redundant.  It is setup for the finale and has me excited for the conclusion of this awesome story.


Justice League Beyond 2.0 #22

The Return of Wonder Woman: World War

While it may seem like some sadistic foreplay, this issue opens with Wonder Woman and Lord Superman kicking the crap out of each other in the Batcave. They're not the only ones fighting, though and the battle is pretty damn cool.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Justice League are still imprisoned in the Watchtower.  It's a good setup, but also points out what I love about this book. The characters.  Where else can you go nowadays for the likes of Mr. Miracle, Barda and Micron? (Thanks, Roman)  Throw in the Justice Lords and we have a winner.  Back to the story, Mr. Miracle takes his "Universe's Greatest Escape Artist" title pretty seriously and shows to what level he will stoop to to keep it.

Back in the Batcave, Zod proves once again that he is a true hero, but how will he react when he finds out that Wonder Woman and Lord Superman are his Parents?  Well, it begins here.  I can't wait to see more.

The issue ends with Batman showing he hasn't lost a step in his old age.  I love the Batcave and really love when books use the decor in it to Batman's advantage.  Gage gives us just that and adds a pretty funny quip from the man himself.

This arc may be close to ending, but there is still so much to be resolved.  I can't wait to see how Christos Gage wraps it all up.

Dexter Soy's art has been so good and just keeps getting better.  His action scenes pop, but my favorite scene was the look of surprise on Zod's face.  So good.

Bits and Pieces:

Justice League Beyond 2.0 #22 continues the great Justice Lords arc with style. Christos Gage gives us more action and surprises while Dexter Soy makes everything look great.  It will be bittersweet when it ends, but I can't wait to see how it does.  Highly Recommended.


Overall Bits and Pieces:

I really enjoyed all these issue when they came out digitally and I liked them even more collected.  These four stories had great action and crazy moments.  Yes, I wish one development would have stuck a bit longer, but it doesn't ruin the overall quality.  Higgins and Gage are giving us a great story and Silas and Soy's art is consistently awesome.  Do yourself a favor and read this collected work and all the issues of both books.  The below score is not an average, but my overall feeling of the collected edition.


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