Thursday, July 3, 2014

Green Lantern #33 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Robert Venditti
Art By: Billy Tan
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 2, 2014

Cry Havoc!  And Let Slip The Dogs Of War.... Or Something

We're winding down to the final battle where the fate of the universe will either continue to be protected by
the Green Lantern Corps, or be subservient to the Durlan race.  As we've seen the Durlans plan on taking on the Daxamite form, but in order to maintain their Superman like powers in this form they will need to consume a large amount of energy, and that comes from eating the living lava people of Zezzen.  Last issue of Green Lantern Corps we saw that the Durlans had already taken over Daxam, and after John Stewart attempted to stop them, they blasted off into space on their way to Zezzen to finish their plan of Universal domination.  Hopefully Hal Jordan will be able to stop this threat and we can finally see the Universe at a point where it isn't threatened for a change.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with the Durlan ships landing on Zezzen to occupy their meals before the Green Lantern Corps can arrive, but it's a good thing for the people of Zezzen that Mogo was already on it's way.  The Corps flies down and creates a dome construct around the lava lake that is home to the Zezzenites, and the Durlans become their most vicious forms in order to break their perimeter.

It would seem that the simple protection plan isn't one that could last forever, even with Mogo raining down asteroids on the Durlan invaders, but as it turns out it doesn't have to because while the Durlans were occupied with destroying the construct, their old allies Nol-Anj and the Outer Clanns have come in from the rear, and plan on ending this war right there.  Hal gets rid of the construct and the Corps and the Clanns use their full force against the Durlan invaders.  The fight seems to be over, and all the Durlans that weren't killed in battle are sent to the science cells on Mogo.  Hal tells John Stewart that he and his team deserve a vacation and for some reason they decide to have it on Zezzen, which sounds like the worst vacation spot in the universe, but what do I know.

In the end Hal locks up the Durlan ancient and tells him that it doesn't matter that the Durlans dragged the Green Lantern name through the dirt because they don't protect the universe for popularity, and they'll continue doing the job they were chosen to do.  So it would seem that it's time to get back to normal for the Green Lantern Corps, that is if a priority communication from John Stewart hadn't come through stating that "We were wrong, it's not over!"  The danger is still real, and it'll come to an end in Green Lantern Corps #33 next week.  I'm really curious about what this mysterious threat could be.  More Durlans?  Surviving Khunds?  Or something that's been pulling the strings of these factions from behind a curtain all along?  I don't know but I'm really interested to see how this war will turn out.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'm loving Uprising, this issue seems a little on the weaker side of things especially leading up to the final part of the story.  Now don't get me wrong this is still a good issue where we see Hal's leadership shine, and begin to see our long time hero really feel comfortable in his new role.  The battle though just came off as anticlimactic and it's possible that that was the purpose all along to just give us an appetizer before next week's main course in Green Lantern Corps #33.  Still a fun issue, and I hope that the conclusion to Uprising knocks my socks off like the majority of this story has for the past couple months.  Go check it out so you too can be part of all the ring slinging fun.


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