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Weird Science DC Comic News: Week of June 25, 2014

Welcome, welcome to the Weird Science DC Comics News.  No, I will not be reviewing the Wendy's Steakhouse Jr. Cheeseburger, though I could probably eat about six of those right now.  Actually, before Eric and myself decided to do this site, I wanted to do a podcast on fast food.  Besides comics and bad movies, the two of us love shitty food more than anything.  We almost called the site "Whopper Wednesday" for crying out loud.  Why?  Because comics come out on Wednesday (of course), but mainly because we thought we could parley it into getting free burgers.  I know that makes no sense, but we were young and hungry.  Speaking of hungry, the other day Eric got dinner at Wendy's and had two regular Double Cheeseburgers and a one sitting.  That's 2560 calories in burgers alone.  Mind you, that probably isn't the most fast food he's eaten at once.  The guy does have an affinity to McDonald's double Quarter Pounders.  So this doesn't seem like a "look at Eric eating like a pig"  segment, I have eaten 12 hot dogs in one sitting...on numerous occasions.  What makes that even worse is that I really don't like hot dogs.  I know this has nothing to do with comics and it's making me so hungry.  What I really want to try is a Garbage Plate.  Now that seems like good eating.  But now...

On With the News

Paul Levitz, Worlds Finest and Earth 2

Eric reads and reviews Worlds Finest and while I can't fully speak for him, he hasn't been thrilled with Paul Levitz's writing.  In fact, when the new solicits are released, we always figure this is one of the books that will be canceled.  It looks like it's safe for now.  Paul Levitz talked with Newsarama and told them that Worlds Finest will be more of an Earth 2 history lesson that will tie into the Earth 2 weekly starting in October.  The weekly will then be the place to get your Huntress and Power Girl fix while Worlds Finest will be more Earth 2 Batman and Superman stories.  Until it gets canceled in April.

Ivy Pepper

Fox released new posters for Gotham and a tagline, "The Good.  The Evil.  The Beginning".  Not as good as "This Time is Personal" or "There can be only one", but it's okay.  The posters also revealed a character name change.  Ivy Pepper?  I hate it.  Just one more thing to make me not look forward to this show and force Eric to watch and review it.  Unlike...

The Flash Premieres in October

I can't wait for this show.  The CW announced that it will premiere on Tuesday, October 7th during it's regular 8:00 PM time slot.  The
CW wants everyone to be up to speed so they will be reairing the two Flash focused Arrow episodes back-to-back on October 1st as well as repeating the pilot after the October 8th premiere of Arrow.  That's a whole lot of Flash.  I will be reviewing this show and the Tuesday 8:00 time slot is perfect for me.

The Vampire Diaries' Writers in on Comic

I don't watch The Vampire Diaries and I haven't read the comic.  The reason I included this is that I love DC's Digital First comics and also love when the show's writers get involved.  My favorite comic right now is Smallville.  I didn't put "my favorite digital comic" because I mean favorite COMIC.  The main reason is Bryan Q. Miller writing it.  For those who don't know, Miller went from intern to writer to Executive Story Editor on the Smallville TV Show.  He knows these characters and the story better than anyone and that's why to comic is great.  I hope this is the case with The Vampire Diaires as well.  Who knows, maybe I'll start reading and reviewing it.

Why is Everyone Concerned with Dick?

Actually, they are concerned with his hair, but when I get a chance to run a headline like that, I jump on it.  I jump on it hard.  Real hard.  The first I saw of this hubbub was from DC Woman Kicking Ass.  They reported on the spikey haired Grayson, turning into the combed down Bieber looking Grayson. Then DC released the Grayson preview with last week's books and he's a blond. It does go full circle with the "Batsgiving"art released oh so long ago.  The guy's going through more hair changes than Agnes Moorehead.  I mentioned it a million times, Dick Grayson/Nightwing is my favorite character, but I'm still not sold on Grayson.  I really didn't like Nightwing #30 and this preview doesn't have me anymore excited.  I'll be reading and reviewing it next Wednesday and I'm sure Dick's hair will have no affect on my enjoyment of the book.


The Flash Pilot teases Gorilla Grodd...I can't wait for Sensational Comics to start...Season One of Community is so funny...Zero Year is great, so why am I bored with it...Shepard's Pie + Poutine = Shepard's Fries...and that equals anyone excited for the Constantine TV Show...I want a comic continuation of the A-Team and What's Happening...Tiny Titans is way more popular than I ever thought...Key and Peele's show is my favorite on TV now...

Another Week, Another News...Jim "12 hot dogs down" Werner...out!

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