Sunday, June 29, 2014

Super Secret Crisis War #1 Review

Written by: Louise Simonson
Art by: Derek Charm
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 25, 2014

Extraordinary Indeed

Welcome to another non DC Comic review.  While we usually stick to our wheelhouse, I like to mix things up when there is something too fun to ignore.  This week, IDW released Super Secret Crisis War #1 and I think it fits the bill.  Some of my favorite Cartoon Network villains and heroes in one family friendly book?  I'm in.  It doesn't hurt that Louise Simonson's story is so great and Derek Charm's art is appropriately charming (I'm sorry, I had to do it).  This book is as fun as it gets and I have a smile on my face as I review it.

Imagine this, the bad guys of the CN shows have formed the League of Extraordinary Villains.  Aku is in charge with Vilgax, Mandark and Mojo Jojo lending their evilness to the proceedings.  The goal, to capture their respective heroes and take over their worlds.  It's pretty straight forward, but fits the Universe and the characters to a tee.  A part of the fun is to watch the the interactions between the villains and their (somewhat hidden) love and respect for their  heroes.  Another part is watching said heroes kick robot butt. Awesome.

The story is fun, but it's the characters that make this book.  Louise Simonson does such a great job making everything right.  Each character has the right voice and there are even little shoutouts to fans.  However, people with no experience with the characters or their Worlds will get a nice introduction to them and will be up to speed in no time.  If you are a fan of all or some of the CN shows, get this book right away.  If you are looking for a fun family friendly book, you will not be disappointed either.

While Simonson's script is great, Derek Charm steals the show.  I knew he could draw the heck out of the Powerpuff Girls, but he shows his chops on all the CN Universe.  The book looks like a cartoon come to life.

Bits and Pieces:

Super Secret Crisis War #1 is the start of a fun new series based in the combined World's of the CN's most popular shows.  Louise Simonsons' fun script and Derek Charm's great art combine for a smile worthy romp.  It nails the voice and look of the source material so well and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, action packed family friendly book.


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