Monday, June 23, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: Don't Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Alright all you DC junkies I have to admit to you that I was out of town all weekend, and I didn't have a Just For The Hell Of It Monday prepared for this week, so I'm kind of just throwing this one together.  Now I assume that's already said every week, but damn that's pretty harsh.  Bunch of shit talking bastards.

Okay for this week we'll be looking at a very odd Superman anti-smoking commercial.  It's very odd because the villain of this commercial, "Nick O'Teen" is someone who makes Killer Moth look fashionable, and for some reason I'm getting a very Russian vibe off of Superman's accent.  Now I'm a disgusting smoker, and I don't want anyone to ever start smoking because it's a awful habit.  People give you dirty looks, you get that awful breath especially if you're drinking coffee at the same time.  That's something that I called "Teacher's Breath" growing up, and it's expensive as hell now to be a smoker.  Now you might say, "Well Eric if you think smoking's so bad then why don't you stop?"  Well the simple answer is because I love it, and don't know what I'd do with my time if I did stop.  Plus I'm a complete asshole whenever I do try to quit.  So don't start smoking because you'll be disgusting like me and if you try to stop smoking after you start you'll be an asshole like me, and if you try to give cigarettes to kids Superman will kill you.  Yeah watching this commercial there is no way that Nick O'Teen survived that fall.  So watch this strange commercial where we watch our Russian like symbol of hope scare the hell out of children by killing a man in front of them, and then give them cancer with his X-Ray vision.  All this could of been avoided if they had just said "No" to smoking.  Don't let this happen to YOU!

Maybe Superman's more of a cigar kind of guy.  I've watched this commercial like five times in a row, and I kind of want to see Nick O'Teen brought into the New 52 continuity.  At least for a brief cameo, then some real villain could come around and kill him.


  1. My uncle had a poster on his wall when I was little that has always stuck in my mind. Superman was trying to track down the evil Nick O'Teen. Was it the man with dirty yellow fingers over here, or maybe the old guy who was coughing and spluttering there? Supes never did find his horrible nemisis in that poster but I guess it must have been the prequel to the TV campaign (which I don't think ever aired in the country I grew up in). Funnily enough both myself and my uncle smoked until only a few years ago so I guess the real moral is, ironically, if the bad guy can hide from Superman then he is probably pretty cool after all. (Joke! Remember kids, "Never say yes to a cigarette").

    1. Hilarious. I think Nick O'Teen should have targeted those impressionable Teen Titans.

    2. I want to say that this commercial and the series of commercials with Superman vs. Nick O'Teen only aired in the UK.