Thursday, June 26, 2014

Red Lanterns #32 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: J. Calafiore
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 25, 2014

The End Of The Reds?

Last time we stuck our heads into the Red Lanterns series, we watched a fight between Guy Gardner's Reds, and Atrocitus's Reds for who would take control of the newest Red Lantern "The Judge".  Once The Judge stopped being all crazy murder happy, she decided that she would like to spend some time with Guy Gardner's gang of goofballs to see what side she would ultimately choose to join.  So for now it looks like we have a little extra fire power for when the war with Atrocitus starts.  What's that?  It starts now?  Well let's stop lollygagging and get to it.

Explain It!:

The story begins with the Red Lanterns attempting a rescue mission.  The plan, get Rankorr and get out.  Sounds like a sound plan but everyone feels it's inevitable not to run into Atrocitus.  The Reds head down to the planet, and find Rankorr, but find absolutely no resistance.  This all sounds good right?  Normally yes, but Rankorr is chained up and seems to have been driven completely insane.  Bleez feeling bad for leaving Rankorr behind when he got captured, unchains him and then all hell breaks loose.

The Red Lanterns now have to fight one of their own who's throwing unrelenting crazy at them.  Rankorr beats the ever loving shit out of the entire team, and it takes Bleez telling Zilious Zox who's maintaining their ship in orbit to lock it's weapons on her at 60% intensity.  When she realizes that she won't be able to talk Rankorr down, she grabs a hold of him and tells Zilious Zox to fire.  Both of them are blasted to hell, but luckily they are still alive.  So let me ask you this.  Does Atrocitus have the power to make a Red Lantern as crazy as they were when they first became a Red?  Because that kind of power could seriously swing the tides of war in his favor.  Especially since he's back on Ysmault.

Atrocitus takes his new Reds and Dex-Starr back to Ysmault to declare their war.  Rankorr's condition should really be enough to do this, but apparently Atrocitus has a bit of a vandalism side to him.  He destroys all the giant statues honoring the Red Lanterns, except for Ratchet's, it seems he has a soft spot for giant brain jellyfish monsters.  Knowing that Guy Gardner's Lanterns will need the magic blood to cure Rankorr of his mental issues, we see that Atrocitus also has the power to either clot the blood and make it a scab road, or to simply dry up the supply.  The artwork wasn't really clear on Atrocitus's affect on the magic blood pool.  Finally to give Guy Gardner and all the other Lanterns that betrayed him the ultimate "Fuck You", Atrocitus destroys the Red Lantern Power Battery.  Damn it looks like the war's over before it really started.

In the end the Red Lanterns return to Ysmault to find the place a wreck.  Figuring that the war is a suicide mission now, Guy Gardner asks Supergirl to leave since this isn't really her fight.  Of course she protests, but eventually she agrees and heads off to Mogo to see Hal Jordan and to find out if he's able to remove her Red Lantern ring.  This is where we continue her story in last week's Supergirl #32, that pissed me off for coming out before this.  Guy tells the rest of the team that he just sent their best chance at defeating Atrocitus away, and they understandably flip out.  But Guy tells them flat out that they probably won't survive the upcoming battle, and their best shot at taking down Atrocitus is to take him down with them.  That's all for this month, make sure you're back here in thirty to see exactly how Guy Gardner plans on dying.

Bits and Pieces:

We're finally going to see Guy Gardner's war against Atrocitus and after reading this issue, I'm terrified for our heroes.  As much as I was anticipating The Red Daughter of Krypton story line, I'm really happy it's over and we can get back to stories that don't feature a token hero as it's main plot device.  All in all this was a very cool beginning to what I hope is a very savage battle against two Red powerhouses.  Go check it out and get your rage on.


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