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Weird Science DC Comics News: Week of June 18, 2014 Edition

This is a tough week here at Weird Science.  Each year on this weekend, Eric goes to visit his Father's grave.  I have only known Eric for a couple years, but when I started working with him, our common love of everything 80's made us fast friends.  We spend most of our day (actually, more like all) talking about cheesy movies, awesome cartoons and toys from when we were kids.  That always leads to Eric saying, "My Dad introduced me to that", "My Dad made me watch that", "My Dad bought me that".  His Dad really seemed to be
a little kid, himself.  I guess Eric got more from him than his freakish height.   I don't know much about Eric's Dad and their relationship, but when he talks about this stuff, I can tell how much he loved him and also how much he still misses him.  If we ever get off our asses and start our podcast, you will hear plenty of great stories about him.  Two of the best are his idea of what the Star Wars Prequels were about and the names of the Puppets in the Puppet Master movies.  Classics.

The funny thing about me is that I took to these sorts of things as a way to escape my family life.  Don't get me wrong,  my Parent's weren't mean, they just didn't pay much attention to me.  That coupled with a major social anxiety lead me to sitting in my room watching movies and cartoons...alot.  It's kind of a weird way the two of us ended up loving the same things from two completely different paths.  I wish things would of been different, especially for Eric, but I'm glad they ended up this way.

On With the News...

How Did I Miss This?

I have been talking Eric's ear off at work (remember we spend all our day talking nonsense) about who I think will take over Wonder Woman when Brian Azzarello leaves this summer.  I started off with Jeff Parker, but lately hoped it would be Charles Soule.  I even mentioned it in past News articles.  It's all just another case of me being a complete dummy.  Why?  The new writer was already February.  February!  It's the the Husband and Wife team of David and Meredith Finch.  I feel like a guy who showed up two weeks late for a surprise Birthday Party, but Congratulations. Hey, where is everyone?!?

New Trailer for Gotham

Let me be quite honest with you, I'm not really looking forward to Gotham.  We are going to start reviewing TV series next season and I already told Eric this is all his.  It may turn out to be good, even great, but from what I'm seen, I'm just not wowed yet.  Fox released a new trailer this week and it focuses on the villains of Gotham.  I'm still not wowed.  Judge for yourself.

Walk of Fame

Every year the Hollywood Walk of Fame announces the new honorees that will receive stars on Hollywood boulevard.  The new class involves someone so integral to the Batman Universe that It wouldn't be the same without him.  Of course, I'm talking about Chris O'Donnell.  What?  You didn't like him as Robin?  Don't you like cod pieces?  Well, for you Negative Nancys, Bob Kane is also getting a star.  It is under the "Motion Picture" and no, Bill Finger doesn't have a star...yet.  You see, getting a star on the Walk of Fame is not as great as it seems.  You pay your way in, $30,000 to be exact.  How else could Melissa McCarthy get one? 

My Top 5 list of Worst Walk of Fame Stars
5. Jennifer Garner - in the Motion Picture Category?  I guess 13 Going on 30 and Electra were better than I thought
4. The Harlem Globetrotters - They were awesome in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island.
3. Melissa McCarthy - I guess she threatened to punch someone in the neck if she didn't get one.
2. The Rugrats - what's next, Muscle Man from Regular Show?  Actually, I'm all for that.
1. Vanna White - I hate the Wheel of Fortune.  The Family Feud is where it's at.

While we are on the subject, I am officially making my announcement that Donald Gibb should get a star on the Walk of Fame.  Revenge of the Nerds, First and Ten, Meatballs II, Weird Science TV Series, but most importantly, Bloodsport.  Ray Jackson could have totally beat Chong Li if he wouldn't have acted like an ass and celebrated too early. It still gets me angry.


I love Beans on Toast for Breakfast...If Ian Bertram isn't on another Batman book, I'll be happy...Will DC get to it and announce Sholly Fisch as the new Catwoman writer...Everyone should be reading the Smallville comic...I still don't know if I like John Romita's art...Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet #3 is the first issue I've liked...Why doesn't DC announce the digital comic sales numbers...Three's Company was a great TV Show...

That's it for the week.  I'll be back next week with more nonsense with a bit of news mixed in.  As always,  Another Week, Another News.  Jim "Why did you have to celebrate so much, Jackson" Werner...out!

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