Monday, June 23, 2014

The Unwritten - Apocalypse #4 Review

Written by: Mike Carey
Art by: Peter Gross
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 23, 2014

Dream Weaver

If you are a reader of The Unwritten, I tip my cap to you the way I imagine a mountain climber does to a fellow climber.  Only someone else who has experienced the same trials and tribulations can truly know each other on that special level.  Some of you are probably thinking, "Jim, we're talking about a comic book here".  Well, if you think that, you haven't climbed the mountain yet.  The Unwritten is a bit more than a comic book, a bit more than a story about stories and a bit more than pages of beautiful artwork.  I wish I could tell you exactly what it is, but it's just something a bit more...and it's ending.  The Unwritten -Apocalypse is the final hurrah and it seems that Mike Carey and Peter Gross have saved the best for last.  This issue ends the War Stories arc and in familiar fashion it's great, confusing and spellbinding.  

While this issue seems to slow the pace down a bit on the surface, the layers underneath say otherwise.  Tom has it out with Wilson and while it's brief, it's long overdue and great.  Tom has come so far and this little scene shows how strong he's become.  He's going to need to be even stronger.  

Tom then travels to see Madam Rausch.  The scenes between the two are not just great in many ways.  The dialogue is as trippy and mysterious as you'd expect, but it's the character development that shines here, Madam Rausch in particular.  This one issue changes my who idea of the character and the part she has to play.  Of course, I may have it all wrong (I am a dummy), but she went from minor villain to major player here.  Tom seems to think this also and seeks her aid.  What he gets is a little less with the potential of so much more.  

This issue, like the book in general, was mind-bending, confusing and great.  Mike Carey throws the reader some nuggets while keeping everything else a secret.  It's like walking through a dark room you think you know, but some of the furniture has been moved out of place.  Just when you think you've got your bearings, you hit a table.  I love it.

I also love Peter Gross' artwork.  This issue gives him a chance to show the expressions and feelings of the characters.  Fear, hope,'s all here and it all propels the story ahead.

Bits and Pieces:

The Unwritten - Apocalypse #4 ends the War Stories arc in grand fashion with great dialogue and characterizations.  Mike Carey ties in old and new threads to make this a story that demands to be read.  It's really that good.  Peter Gross' gets to show his flair for expression and emotions that makes the combination of art and story seamless.  Please read this book.


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