Sunday, July 27, 2014

Aquaman #33 Review

Written by: Jeff Parker
Art by: Paul Pelletier
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 23, 2014

The Creature from the ...Triton Base

For months now, this book could rightly could be called "Mera".  She has been a pillar of strength, fighting off would be assassins and keeping Atlantis running while her husband is off gallivanting with the likes of Swamp Thing.  I'm not saying that everything Arthur has been doing is all fun and games, since last issue left him in grave peril at the hands (or mind) of Chimera.  The Chimera, for those not reading, is a Frankenfish combination of human, sea creatures and sea CREATURES.  Seriously, it has the brain of a centuries old monster, the Karaqan.  This thing is scary, disgusting and has it out for Aquaman.  So, this month, Mera gets put to the side (boo!) so Parker can center on Arthur and Chimera.  

Chimera is stalking Aquaman.  He isn't his biggest fan, in fact he wants to kill him.  Or does he?  Jeff Parker leaves Chimera's full intentions a secret, but what we get is great.  Chimera is a real threat to Aquaman and that always makes for a great story.  This "thing" has more abilities than you can shake a starfish at and this issue shows the reader a couple more.

Chimera isn't the only thing on or in Aquaman's mind.  He finally goes back home and learns the truth about what his wife has been up too.  Unfortunately, things keep happening whenever he's in Atlantis that fuel the fire of those who want him and Mera dead.  The problem is, he may actually be responsible.

Back to Chimera, while Arthur visits Dr. Shin of Triton Base to find out more about the creature, the creature finds him.  That is, after shape shifting, killing a bunch of police officers and flying.  I told you he had a bunch of powers.  The issue ends with Chimera facing Arthur in all his grotesque glory.

Jeff Parker has done a great job with Chimera.  Like I said, he's a real threat and I think we're only seeing the surface of his true power.  I also like the inner conflict he has as a human turned monster.  As an added bonus, Jeff Parker does a pretty good job making this issue a good jumping on point for new readers.

I do wish that we got more Atlantis and Mera this month and what we do get is setup.  In fact, the book ends pretty much in the same position as last month...Chimera and Arthur about to throw down.

Paul Pelletier does a great job with Chimera as well.  It must be fun drawing such a crazy hybrid sea monster and the results are great. I do miss the splash pages and spreads he was known for in the earlier days of this book, but I'll take what he gives us here.

Bits and Pieces

Aquaman #33 is some good creature double feature fun.   The Chimera is a real threat to Aquaman and Parker and Pelletier do a good job of making him scary and grotesque.  However, the issue itself treads a bit of water and leaves the awesome Mera behind in it's wake.  Parker does do a good job of getting everyone up to speed so this is a pretty good jumping on point for those interested in joining in.


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