Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weird Science DC Comics New: SDCC Edition

San Diego Comic Con is not quite over, but the news waits for no one.  Every year I wait for jaw dropping announcements on new books and creative team changes and every year I end up disappointed.  SDCC is more about people talking about how great they are, how much they like each other and big movie and tv news.  I'm a comic fan, dammit!

Personally, I've gone to two comic cons in the past.  Wizard World in Philadelphia and one that may have been called the "Great Allentown Comic Con". Allentown was a long time ago and I forget things in my old age.  Wizard World was okay, but it was basically paying to get into a place so that you could spend more money.  Kind of like a strip club with old comics and weird hats.  My kids did get to take pictures in the '66 Batmobile and we bought a bunch of old comics and weird hats.  See what I mean.  The Allentown Con pretty much sucked.  It was a bunch of fat guys standing around fold up tables selling crap.  I did get a copy of my favorite pen and pencil RPG, "Feng Shui".  Yea, I'm that kind of nerd.  Enough nonsense,

On With the News 

Two More DC Animated Movies Announced

We all know that the next DC Animated feature will be Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.  I have really enjoyed the recent animated movies and can't wait for a little Aquaman action.  Well, Warner Bros. announced Two new movies, Batman vs Robin and Justice League: Gods and Monsters.  Batman vs Robin will be the first animated appearance of the Court of Owls, but will not follow Scott Snyder's awesome story.  I'm sure it's more Bruce and Damian, but how awesome if it's Dick Grayson and Damian with some Court of the Owls thrown in?  Justice League: Gods and Monsters is an original story by Bruce Timm.  My guess here is that it will be a Wonder Woman heavy story, but I'm usually wrong.

The Trailer You've Been Waiting For

No, not Batman v Superman, but The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? I really want to see this documentary and loved the trailer.  It actually is a little sad watching it because you see how much most of the people involved really wanted this movie to happen. I know the original movie has become a running joke, but after seeing footage, I want it to happen.

Another Trailer Debuts

Yea, I am talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They showed the trailer to lucky attendees and of course, a few pics have surfaced. From the images and description of those who saw it, Ben Affleck's Batman suit is pretty much Dark Knight Returns.Cool. I just wonder how this tired and old Batman will figure into the Justice League movie when it eventually comes out.

Wonder Woman Looks Awesome

The first look of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was released and she looks great.  I know when it was announced she was going to be Wonder Woman, people were complaining.  After seeing this photo, I hope they shut their mouths.  I know, Haters gonna Hate.

And the Winner Isn't...

DC Comics.  At least where the Eisner Awards are concerned.  The only Awards they got were for Scott Snyder's Vertigo book, The Wake.  It won Best Limited Series and Best Penciller/Inker for Sean Murphy.  I was really hoping The Royals: Masters of War would get Best Limited Series, but the Wake is pretty awesome.


Sitcoms without the laugh track are hilarious and disturbing...I am not having fun reading The Flash lately...I thought I liked Lemon Meringue pie, but I don't...I do like Banana Creme pie, though...I have no interest in I, Zombie whatsoever...Batman Arkham Knight is being delayed until 2015 and I'm glad...Because I'll have to buy a PS4 to play it...Speaking of games, the Playstation store has an awesome Superhero Game Sale...Burger King has the best value menu...Batman #33 might be one of the best comic book issues I've ever read...but Batman Beyond 2.0 #26 was incredible as well...I'm hungry and am about to make a pork roll, egg and cheese bagel sandwich...

Another Week, Another News.  Jim "No, I haven't prereged" Werner...Out!

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