Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wonder Woman #33 Review

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Cliff Chiang
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 28, 2014

Gods and Monsters

It's almost over.  When the New 52 is in the rear view mirror and nerds in their virtual basements argue about which book stands the test of time, Wonder Woman will be it. Why?  Because Brian Azzerello tells it as a timeless classic that mixes mythology and comics into a blend that gives us the best of both Worlds.  Plus, it's just damn good.  To make the playing field even more uneven, Cliff Chiang's art now defines the character and her mythos.  In a more perfect reality, these two would be giving us Wonder Woman stories for centuries to come.  However, our reality is far from perfect and it all ends soon.  The upside of that is Azzerello and Chiang get to end their story and we get to read it.  Reading this issue it is clear that the end is near, the War has truly begun and not everyone is going to survive.

I have to admit, I liked the First Born immediately, but never felt that he was that great of a threat to Wonder Woman.  This issue changed that completely.  He literally has her down on her knees and holds her life in his hands.  It doesn't end with her, either.  It seems like he can destroy the Amazons with a wave of his hand, but like a true hellish villain, wants to toy with them first.  It's all a ploy to get the ultimate prize...Wonder Woman's hand.

Meanwhile, the War has found it's way to Themyscara and it's an all out battle to the death.  Guess who joins the party?  Bondage Minotaur, of course.  He is one of my favorite characters, but unfortunately, he squares off against Orion.  The result is shocking to say the least.

While this is going on, the First Born and Wonder Woman look on, doing their best Emperor/Luke impersonation.  They verbally spar a bit and then the First Born loses his patience and behaves badly.  The issue ends with some pretty heavy hitters lying face down and the birth of a new hero.  To say that the ending is jaw dropping is an understatement.  If you are a fan of this book and have been reading from the start, this is the scene you have been patiently waiting for.

If you somehow don't believe Cliff Chiang is a great artist, you are blind and you should pick up this issue.  Your opinion will change forever.  The First Born is disgustingly imposing with his charred husk of a body and a cape of veins and Wonder Woman is beautiful in her strength and honor.  Everything in between looks great too.

Bits and Pieces: 

Wonder Woman #33 is everything that fans have been waiting for.  It's so sad to see such a great creative team go, but if this issue is any indication, they will leave on a run defining high note.  The story and art are top notch which is what I expect every month from these two.  I don't want it to end, but I can't wait for next month.  Highly recommended.


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