Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #13 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Ray Fawkes
Art By: Francis Portela, Tom Derenick
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 23, 2014

The Many Deaths Of Marcus Severin

Last issue we saw the newly mortal Pandora fight Vandal Savage, after he broke the neck of her lover and
weaponsmith Marcus Severin.  Even though the fight seemed uneven when it started, Agent Kincaid leveled the playing field when she shot Vandal Savage with the immortal killer that she had previously shot Pandora with.  Well as even as it could be when you're facing Vandal Savage.  No the real turning point of the fight was when Giganta showed up out of nowhere and pitched Vandal Savage blocks away into a river.  When we left our heroine, she was broken and beaten and Giganta threatened to end Agent Kincaid if she didn't save Pandora.  Let's dive into this issue and see if Agent Kincaid is still breathing and for that matter if Pandora is as well.

Explain It!:

Since Agent Kincaid enjoys breathing, she patches up Pandora the best she can and we jump into the past with the history of Pandora and Marcus Severin throughout the ages.

We'll jump back to Greece, you know when Greece was important to human history and all.  There Marcus known as Markos is in his first iteration and he's doing what he does best, making weapons.  But the weapon party is interrupted when a bunch of soldiers that are under the control of a demon or one of the seven deadly sins busts in the joint and kills Markos.  I guess we're left assuming that Pandora killed the lot of them and possibly the demon/sin, because when we see her again a witch is telling her how to perform a ritual to keep Markos's soul from moving on and having him be reborn again.  Pretty much burn the body, say some magic words and when she meets up with him again he'll remember her and all they've done immediately....... and I guess she steals him from his parents and leaves a streak of grieving parents throughout the ages.  You know heroism.  So we get more flashbacks of Pandora's interactions with Marcus being a monk out of a Wu-Tang movie and then fighting monsters as a pirate, when we finally make it back to the present where it's time to resurrect a weaponsmith.

Pandora burns the body, says the words, while Agent Kincaid asks if she should be playing god like this and all I can think of is if Frankenstein were here he'd be all "I knew a guy who played god once and it didn't turn out well for him.  Melmoths Beard!"  The spell works and Pandora is given a vision that Marcus is being reborn in Okinawa, you know where Mr. Miyagi's from and then the strangest damn thing happens.  Even though this is the second to last issue of Pandora, Ray Fawkes starts up a new story arc.  How the hell?  Agent Kincaid gets a call from S.H.A.D.E., where she's informed that Baltimore, did I mention before that they were in Baltimore?  Well it's Baltimore and just when you thought Baltimore couldn't get any worse, it seems that it's six hours away from Vampire Armageddon.  So it's up to the trio of Agent Kincaid, Giganta and Pandora to stop this suck fest within one issue.  That's a hell of a deadline.  That's it for this month's Pandora, make sure you're back next month for the series finale and see if it will bridge the gap between "Oh my god, something is sucking on my neck!" to October's Trinity of Sin series.

Bits and Pieces:

Lousy Pandora being all good right before the series ends.  I've been waiting the entire series to start seeing Pandora throughout the ages and we're finally given it to see Marcus Severin's origin story.  One damn issue left and we get a small glimpse.  But it is what it is and so is Pandora.  It's a dark title that couldn't seem to find it's way by itself and even though the stories were compelling enough, it doesn't seem that it could entice the one true power of comics, the almighty dollar.  Weaponsmith origin story and crazy enough the beginning of a new story arc is what you have here and with one issue left I'm seriously just compelled to see how Fawkes is going to wrap it up.  Check it out before it's gone.


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